Rick Collingwood – A Youthful You

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Rick Collingwood - A Youthful YouRick Collingwood – A Youthful You

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This program will help bring back the youthful approach to your life, physically, mentally, sexually and emotionally It focuses on appetite, digestion, excretion and sleeping.

It instructs all major organs to become healthy and any lesions to heal. It will help you release all past negative experiences or issues and create a passing from negative self destruction to positive self confidence.

The self hypnosis CD enables you to see everything as easy instead of difficult creating the feeling of contentment and calm making you the master of yourself.

You will be young and vital in every way. Create youthful energy and enthusiasm encouraging you to take interest in having new experiences and living again. Scientific studies show a direct relationship between consistent deep relaxation and slowing the aging process.

This recording is designed to implement these principles through a deep and relaxing hypnosis session that also uses direct positive suggestion to further reinforce the phenomena.

Included in the script:

* Direct suggestions to improve digestive, immune and excretion systems
* Techniques for a happier mental outlook
* A curative script to activate the mind body connection
* An all round emotional, physical and mental ‘clean out’


I have been listening to the Forever Young CD now for about 2 months and I have found it works really well. I had a long term illness which forced me to leave my full time employment, I was suffering with abdominal pain, not sleeping very well, very down emotionally and physically exhausted.

Since I have been listening to the CD my sleeping has greatly improved and I awake feeling energetic. I now do not suffer from any physical pain or the emotional feeling of “Being Down”. I have returned to full time work. I would certainly recommend Rick Collingwood’s CD to anyone who needs help in regaining their health and wellbeing.
Thanks Rick

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Rick Collingwood – A Youthful You
Rick Collingwood – A Youthful You

Original price was: $23.00.Current price is: $10.00.

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