Rick Collingwood – Energy Boost

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Rick Collingwood - Energy BoostRick Collingwood – Energy Boost

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This is a relatively short 30 minute energy boost hypnosis session designed to be used during the day for a quick and easy ‘pick me up’. It will realign your energy levels and to give you the much needed boost, especially after lunch if you are at work, to keep going strong for the rest of the day.

This specifically designed hypnosis session contains a powerful recorded rapid induction to get you into the deeply relaxed states of Alpha and then Theta very quickly. It then uses direct suggestions and visualization techniques to align your mind and body to unite in part to boost your ensuing energy level. Just before this recording ends there is a hypnotic ‘wake up’ which like on all of the other MP3 titles, will bring you back to your full conscious attentive state and ready to tackle what the rest of the day has to bring.

A special component of Energy Boost is the ‘post hypnotic’ suggestion contained on the recording which allows you at anytime to immediately increase your energy levels if you are feeling flat or tired simply by clenching your fist. This is a very strong technique that will help you especially on those extra busy days when you have to simply keep going to get everything that you need done.

The nature of this program lends itself to being particularly useful to assist with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although it is not intended as a cure for the illness, it has shown significant improvements in the ability to function with the disorder through many people that have used this program.

If you are constantly lacking energy during the day and need that extra boost, then this program is for you. Better still, it is available right now as an instant MP3 download so that you can start using it to increase your energy levels right now.

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Rick Collingwood – Energy Boost
Rick Collingwood – Energy Boost

Original price was: $23.00.Current price is: $10.00.

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