Wisdom Series 8 – Christof Melchizedek

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Wisdom Series 8 – Christof Melchizedek

Wisdom Series 8 - Christof Melchizedek


The reason why you are not yet at the level you know you can reach is held and stored in your energetic anatomy and DNA template. To achieve the highest realization of your vision, you need your subconscious mind and energetic bodies to be in alignment with your conscious thoughts. As well as having the knowledge of how to Manifest by controlling your personal energy signature.

There is a complex interplay of beliefs across Experiential, Ancestral, Past Life and Soul Level that all need systematically clearing alongside other various Energetic and Spiritual Malware that clogs up your personal Energy Signature that prevents you from reaching the highest level of your potential.

Also, there can be Karma where past choices that have been in opposition the way this universe operates. This can be held across this lifetime, quantum lifetimes, ancestral Karma, and Soul Level Karma.

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This Karma creates twisted patterns in the Nadi system broadcasting a signal to keep attracting the equal and opposite energy into your life until the lesson has been learned of the Karma is cleared.

These ‘hidden’ aspects of blockages in your consciousness can trap you from hitting the level you know you can reach. The way your bio-energy field, consciousness and DNA operate and work together creates and shapes your reality.

The absolute key to changing your current timeline to a higher more impactful expression is to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

The Ultimate Clearing Protocol is a series of energy transmissions that are designed to clear your multi-dimensional anatomy of any discordances preventing you from actualising your highest vision.

It is a combination of access to specific quantum encoded recordings that contain all the energy clearings and activations designed to get you energetically as clean as possible. The clearing protocols have been ones that I have noticed I have been using time and again with clients to help them shift states.

You can watch, listen and receive any time as they contain their full power beyond the lens of time.

I have packaged these together in a process and journey for you so you can keep raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness through the clearing journey and come back to them time and again as needed.

The Ultimate Clearing Protocol will help you do clear deep rooted subconscious programming you inherited from your upbringing and conditioning

95% of your life results come from the programs held in your subconscious mind, this protocol systematically moves through all the various levels and layers I have found come up when working with clients over the last 25 years.

You will rewire your programming related to RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY AND FINANCES, ABUNDANCE, HEALTH, PARENTING, CAREER. LIFE VISION, PERSONAL CHARACTER, by systematically working through the corresponding chakras that influence these elements in your life.

This protocol will help you align your subconscious programming to your conscious mind desires and create a vibrational match to allow you to attract what you want in your life effortlessly.

You will progressively each week focus upon a different layer of your conditioning and the associated programming and energetic defences you have acquired through your upbringing.

The first thing you will notice is that you will become less irritated from previously triggering stimuli. Your relationships will enter greater harmony, as the mirror reflections in your life will not activate deeply held wounds you have protecting all your life. These wounds will be systematically cleared as you move through the 12 week healing protocol.

You will begin to learn how to reverse engineer your wounds by consciously moving through the constellation that forms the Imprinted Program:

You will also move past deeply held ancestral patterns held in your family for generations, and move out of your cycle of your family karma cycle, so you can move past your parents ceilings of life.

More harmony in relationships
Increased access to the frequency of abundance
Improved Vision For your Life
Better Health and Vitality
Greater self esteem and self concept

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Wisdom Series 8 – Christof Melchizedek
Wisdom Series 8 – Christof Melchizedek

Original price was: $222.00.Current price is: $59.00.

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