Tom Condon – Expanded Intuition Training

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Tom Condon – Expanded Intuition Training

Tom Condon - Expanded Intuition Training

Price: $69.95
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6 CDs and a workbook
Money Back Guarantee

Samplers: Some CDs in this series
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“A pleasure to recommend! We predict that you will find the Intuition series a solid investment of your time and money.”
– Inner Quest

Give yourself a psychic reading!
Expanded Intuition Training
CD Series
by Thomas Condon

To help you:

* Learn to do what the best psychics do
* See the future and make profitable decisions
* Find emotional and spiritual guidance
* Use your intuition to solve problems and make positive changes
* Understand and improve your relationships
* Discover how to use your intuition on command

This best-selling CD series is based upon Thomas Condon’s research into the techniques of successful psychics. It offers powerful practical training to help you use your intuition in your personal and professional life.

Expanded Intuition Training combines a unique set of elements: Ericksonian Hypnosis, Multi-Evocation, 3-Dimensional Sound Effects, audio exercises and simple easy-to-learn techniques. It presents a step-by-step approach for developing your natural intuitive abilities that can be customized to your personal needs.

The CDs and work-book will teach you how to:
* Identify your own “intuitive style”
* Allow intuitions to come through for you
* Know which signals to look for and trust
* Ask questions and receive guidance
* Have intuitions on demand
* Get quality information for any purpose

Click on title for individual CD description:

CD 1: Opening Up To Intuition    Available as a single CD
CD 2: Practical Intuition
CD 3: Blocks To Intuition
CD 4: The Ultimate Library    Available as a single CD
CD 5: Your Intuitive Guide       Available as a single CD
CD 6: Using Your Sixth Sense

Intuition Series Reviews

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“Expanded Intuition Training by Thomas Condon presents a variety of newly discovered techniques which allow direct dependable access to your intuition. The techniques are specifically applied to decision making, problem solving, enhancing relationships and finding inner guidance.

The new techniqes are unique, in that they come from a synthesis of hypnotherapy, meditative practice and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). In a recent interview, Condon explained their genesis:

“I’d been practicing and teaching hypnosis for a long time when I started to get interested in intuition. So often it seemed that my clients had great intuitions but either ignored and discounted them or didn’t know how to interpret them. I started asking people to dialogue with their ‘gut feelings’, to find out how their gut said ‘yes’, how it said’no’. I found that each person had an inner sensory strategy through which their intuitions communicated.”

Where some people have intuitions through gut feelings, others experience it auditorily (“my little voice told me”) and visually (“in a flash I knew what to do”). Each of these channels have their own way of communicating to the individual. “By tuning in and recognizing these parts, you can bring them forth into your life more consistently. Having been ignored for so long, they are usually very willing.”

The other major set of techniques came from a chance encounter: “Years ago I was given a birthday present of a session with a psychic. Since my background is in psychology I was skeptical but I went through with it just for fun. Well, she nailed me. She zeroed in on events from my life, my family background, current friendships and ongoing conflicts. I was flabbergasted.”

The encounter led to dozens of other psychic readings as Thomas tried to discover if psychics, too, had inner sensory strategies. “Sure enough, they were remarkably consistent. The visual patterns are called ‘clairvoyant’, the auditory ones ‘clairaudient’, the ones for feelings ‘clairsentient’. Each person had their ownway of explaining what they did and their own spiritual orientation but the way they accessed their information was remarkably similar.” This led to a clarification of the techniques that are taught in seminars and on Condon’s Expanded Intuition Training CD Series.

“I’ve tried to make the patterns as simple as possible,” Thomas continues, “This makes them easy to learn and it also means they can be customized to your personal needs. Intuition is like electricity or hypnosis – nobody really knows what it is but it’s immensely useful for all kinds of purposes.”

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Tom Condon – Expanded Intuition Training
Tom Condon – Expanded Intuition Training

Original price was: $65.95.Current price is: $25.00.

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