Thomas Huebl – Authentic Awakening

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Thomas Huebl – Authentic AwakeningThomas Huebl – Authentic Awakening

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Discover the essential transformative practices, tools and teachings to fully awaken your spiritual potential and live as the full expression of who you are, amidst the pressures and challenges of “real life.”

If you’ve had a taste of awakening, you know in your heart the kind of life that is possible – that is waiting for you – when you finally break the hypnotic trance of the ego, with its endless projections and fears, and start living every day rooted in the expansive freedom, presence and truth of your authentic self.

Yet, no matter how many times you may have tasted the bliss of awakening, the greatest spiritual challenge of our times is to integrate and sustain this enlightened awareness beyond the meditation cushion and yoga mat and into the trenches of your “real life.”

It’s easy to see how the ever-increasing pace and stress of modern life pulls you off your center and back into the conditioned and often neurotic, ego mind.

But what many people don’t realize is that there is an even bigger obstacle to living an authentically awakened life in the 21st century.

You see, most of us have been “duped,” so to speak, into believing that spiritual practices that were designed for life in a monastery, thousands of years ago, are still effective to fully awaken us in our postmodern, consumer culture, technology-driven world.

Clearly, they are not.

If these ancient traditions and practices were truly sufficient, where are all of the awakened beings that these traditions have produced?

Consider this deeply and it will become abundantly clear.

Sure, these ancient practices will help you to relax and give you a greater sense of peace and centeredness. But if you actually want to awaken to the full expression of who you really are, they will leave you wanting, or worse, satiated just enough to be complacent.

Now, we certainly don’t mean to “throw out the baby with the bathwater” and say that these millennia-old traditions and practices don’t have tremendous value, because they obviously do.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants, after all, and each tradition and practice has been an invaluable evolutionary stepping stone to get us where we are today.

But what we are saying – and this may sound somewhat controversial – is that these ancient practices alone are not sufficient to liberate your full potential while you are still immersed in the consumer-driven “marketplace” of our modern world.

If the above statement is in fact true, then the question remains…

What are the most effective practices and techniques to live an authentically awakened life in the 21st century?

Experience the transmission of a deeply awakened spiritual teacher and the support of a conscious community of sincere practitioners to bring forth the best of who you are and raise the consciousness of our world.

One of the leading spiritual luminaries that’s bringing new light to this important issue is the internationally renowned mystic and spiritual teacher, Thomas Huebl.

If you have heard Thomas speak you’ll know what we’re referring to, and if you don’t know Thomas yet then you’re in for a real treat.

Thomas is one of the fastest rising stars in modern spirituality, among both sincere practitioners and thought leaders alike.

His down-to-earth approach to a living, holistic spirituality combined with his uncompromising clarity and relentless commitment to help others fully awaken makes Thomas one of the most unique and engaging teachers of our time.

Beyond Thomas’ teachings and powerful approach to spiritual transformation in everyday life, he exudes a clarity of presence and transmission in his teachings that is a rare treasure to experience and behold.

Thomas’ intuitive style of teaching and working with others cuts like a laser light to the essence of the matter.

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

In this 9-module transformational course, Thomas will skillfully guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies that you’ll need to fully awaken your expanded presence and awareness in the fast-paced “marketplace” of our post-modern world.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your awakening in “real life.”

Module 1: Living an Awakened Life in the Modern World

Cultivating the Balance Between Stillness and Movement

  • Discover how to continuously innovate and “update” yourself to meet each moment with fresh awareness
  • Balance the core competencies of awakened stillness and movement in all areas of your life
  • Learn how to cultivate awakened stillness (transcendence), no matter what is happening around you
  • Practice conscious movement (action) to fully engage with the daily challenges of life
  • Shift your priority from sustaining your comfort zone to immersing yourself in the living process of Life
  • Learn how to embrace discomfort as an essential catalyst for your spiritual evolution
  • Discover how to break the habitual trance of the ego and perceive the living energy and information of each moment
  • Tune into and live in the evolutionary process unfolding within and all around you
  • Free yourself from the momentum of your habits and become more original, inspired and fresh
  • Become a pioneer of innovation and creativity in all aspects of your life

Module 2: Transparent Communication

The Art of Awakened Relationships

  • Learn how to let go of your habitual ego processes to clearly perceive the energy of others
  • Remove the filters on your perception and learn how to “read” reality itself
  • Discover how to make your communication a high art that awakens and inspires
  • Open to new levels of perception, beyond what you ever thought was possible
  • Learn “transparent communication” practices and exercises that use can use anytime
  • See past the symptoms of your perceived problems in your relationships to the root cause
  • Discover how to use transparent communication to deepen and enrich all of your relationships

Get Thomas Huebl – Authentic Awakening at the NLPlib

Module 3: Shadow Integration

Integrating the Fragmented Aspects of Your Personality to Express Your True Potential

  • Become conscious of your shadow and learn how to skillfully work with it
  • Discover how your natural potential gets blocked and how to liberate it
  • Learn how the shadow sabotages your life and limits your spiritual evolution
  • Get to the root of the your unique shadow blocks and “symptoms” to heal them once and for all
  • Learn why conscious shadow work is essential for us individually and collectively
  • Become fully embodied as who you are – grounded, clear and emotionally centered
  • Discover how integrating the shadow simultaneously increases your intelligence and resolves the unconscious patterns that create unnecessary problems in your life
  • Work in small group “triads” with special practices to help integrate your shadow and expand your awareness

Module 4: Your Soul’s Purpose and Its Embodiment

Discovering Your Deeper Mission and Aligning It with the Higher Intelligence

  • Discover how to align yourself with higher knowledge and let it guide your life
  • Experience the principle of initiation
  • Discover the missing link between realization and embodiment
  • Learn how to embody your realizations so that every cell of your body radiates this new information
  • Learn how to become a beacon of authentic transmission and walk your spiritual talk
  • Clearly discern the difference between spiritual understanding and authentic awakening
  • Trust your intuition more deeply and embody a higher level of consciousness

Module 5: The New We

Tapping into the Unlimited Co-Creative Power of the Cosmos

  • Learn how to open yourself beyond the ego’s preferences in service of the whole
  • Shift from the ego’s “will to get” into the enlightened “will to give”
  • Become a well of overflowing generosity that nourishes your environment
  • Experience the transpersonal breakthrough of co-creating in a group without ego
  • Find the healthy balance between giving and receiving based on where you are in your spiritual evolution
  • Connect to the creative force of the cosmos and its overflowing joy and power
  • Dissolve the illusory power of the ego and open to the flow of divine intelligence

Module 6: Challenges of a Modern Life

Living Beyond Stress in Sustainable Flow

  • Learn to transcend the energetic challenges of daily life and move beyond stress and burnout
  • Discover how to live as a self-generating energy resource (where you don’t need holidays to replenish) but instead
  • Access a deeper level of awakened presence that allows you to be in sustainable energetic flow in deeply healing ways

Module 7: Birth Contractions of a Global Consciousness

Harnessing Global Awareness for Creativity and Participation

  • Understand how the Internet and technology and higher levels of communication are generating something new that has never been here on the planet
  • Tap into the importance of having an interior space that can hold the complexity of the global consciousness
  • Discover how to not get paralyzed by the atrocities and pain that we can see from our living room
  • Learn to leverage your awareness of suffering to a higher participation in birthing a grown-up culture
  • Understand how we can generate more self responsible citizens that would be the beginning of real democracy

Module 8: Transcendence and the Art of Meditation

Awakening Beyond the Limitations of the Ego

  • Dive deep into the art of meditation and the levels of awareness beyond your conventional ego perception
  • Learn to transcend the conditioned structures of your body, mind and emotions
  • Discover how to let go of and de-identify with personal and collective patterns that limit your awakening
  • Learn to transcend your conditioning so that you can relate to it rather than from it
  • Awaken beyond the collective imprints and momentum of thousands of years of evolution
  • Experience the higher levels of freedom as you learn to transcend your ego and open to new dimensions of awareness

Module 9: Essential Mystical Principles for an Awakened Life

Aligning Yourself with the Sacred to Create a Life of Grace and Flow

  • Learn the underlying, fundamental principles of how reality is building itself moment to moment
  • Discover the spiritual truths that connect ancient traditions – from the Kabala to Buddhism
  • Understand how energy manifests in the physical world – how something appears from nothing
  • Learn the essential universal principles that will help your life flow with much more ease and grace
  • Discover how to transform the unhealthy “friction” and stress in your life into catalysts for your evolution
  • Explore how to work with mystical principles to empower your authentic awakening

Get Thomas Huebl – Authentic Awakening at the NLPlib

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Thomas Huebl – Authentic Awakening
Thomas Huebl – Authentic Awakening

Original price was: $397.00.Current price is: $97.00.

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