The Silva Method – UltraMmd ESP

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The Silva Method – UltraMmd ESP

The Silva Method - UltraMmd ESP

8 Compact Discs/CD-ROM Workbook/Bonus Disc A man named Jose Silva perfected a simple 15-minute technique for entering the Alpha level at will, creating his own brand of ESP, which he called effective sensory projection. The result of this breakthrough is the new Silva Ultramind ESP System. ONCE YOU’VE MASTERED THE TECHNIQUES, YOU’LL BE ABLE TO: Read people like a book. Know if someone’s telling you the truth. Gain knowledge about others’ intentions just by looking at them. Know anyone’s real motives by simply being in the same vicinity.

See through walls. Project your mind to any place in the world to detect information. The U.S. government spent $30 million training people to do this and had a 100% success rate in certain cases. Influence others from a distance. Leave reminders and create an instant connection using ESP projection techniques Discover your mission in life. Learn what you were sent here to do. Improve the lives of others. Live a life that’s fulfilled and happy. Detect hidden information. Use dowsing rods and pendulums to locate objects and information you’re looking for. Learn how the science of psychometry can help you improve the accuracy of your intuitions about people.

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The Silva Method – UltraMmd ESP
The Silva Method – UltraMmd ESP

Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $17.00.

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