Subliminal Shop – Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 2.1

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Subliminal Shop – Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 2.1

Subliminal Shop - Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 2.1

The instructions for this program can be found at the end of this page.  Please read the instructions fully, and follow them to get the results this program is designed to give.

This program is of interest to:

Food service workers (management, servers & kitchen staff)
People who wok directly with the public
Health care workers
People who wish to improve their ability to avoid colds, flus and other such infections
People who wish to minimize the amount time they are sick with colds, flus and other such infections, how severe the sickness is and how much it reduces their productivity
People who wish to avoid using antibiotics if possible
People who wish to help antibiotics work better
People who want to enhance their immune system’s ability to fight infections
People who want to minimize the amount of money they would otherwise lose to being too sick to work
People who would just prefer not to be sick

Maximum Immune Response (MIR) is an extremely powerful subliminal program which, when used according to the instructions, causes your subconscious mind to focus all available energy and resources on powering up and activating your immune system.  It will begin affecting you almost instantly, and if you have an infection of some sort, you’ll likely notice very quickly that the program makes you feel very different than if you run it when you do not have an infection.

Originally designed for fighting colds and flus, MIR has since evolved into a general purpose program aimed at helping you to combat any and all types of infection that your immune system can get to and deal with.  For example, it will work well for a bacterial infection in your throat, but may not work well for a fungal infection of your toenail because the fungus isn’t where your immune system can affect it.  Likewise, it may not be very effective for parasitic infections, because they are typically not infections that your immune system would be designed for handling.
Get Subliminal Shop – Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 2.1 download
During testing, MIR has been successfully tested at least once on and used to help fight:

Common colds (several tests)
Common flus (several tests)
Common sore throat infections (several tests)
Infection of the gums (two tests)
Pink Eye (two tests)
Common chest/lung infections (several tests)
Infected ingrown toenails (one test)

MIR has so far been reported by users to be used successfully to help clear:

Common colds
Common flus
Common sore throat infections
Ear infections
Pink eye

V 2.1 has not yet been tested on:

Fungal Infections
Yeast infections
Parasitic infections
Infectious laughter
Sexually transmitted infections
Major infectious diseases
Infected/abscessed teeth
Pregnant women
Children under 4
People with immune system disorders

Whether or not it can or will help with the things it has not been tested on is unknown at this time.

Version 2.1 of MIR is designed to cause your immune system to not just power up and activate, but also make itself much better able to:

Detect infections it could not detect before
Keep itself healthy
Disinfect itself from infection
Locate and access infections it may not have been able to locate or access before
Outsmart infections that use special or changing strategies to evade it
Outpace, pre-empt, adapt to and keep ahead of the efforts of infectious agents to adapt, mutate or evolve

In other words, regardless of what clever strategy an infectious agent (or even more than one of them working together synergistically or symbiotically) is using, this program is designed to help your immune system find, access, outdo, outpace, adapt and fight them — and win.

During testing for V2.0 (which I decided simply to upgrade to 2.1 after testing, instead of release) I and some of my Tier 2 testers actually and literally sought out sick people and intentionally got ourselves sick in order to test it first hand in real live conditions before releasing it.  (Crazy?  Maybe, but this is how you do real world testing on a program like this.) What happened?

The symptoms of the infections we gave ourselves (colds, flus and sore throats in this case) were minimized to a huge degree.  Sometimes, we could not tell if we were still sick without pausing the program for a couple hours or so. (Don’t do this!  It will let the infection gain strength again and make you have to spend more time and energy fighting it than if you follow the directions!)
The effects and symptoms of the cold/flu/sore throat itself were negated such that virtually no productivity was lost because of having the infection.  (In fact one of my testers, while sick with something that would normally have knocked him down completely, went to his exercise class every night, and actually reported working out harder and better than usual!)
We all saved money on medicine, because none of us had to use any!
The length of time being sick was reduced sharply for all of us.

During this test, the only thing that was used to deal with the infections was MIR.  None of us used Airborne (TM), vitamins, colloidal silver or any form of antibiotic or anti-cold/flu treatment.  I was impressed, and so were my testers — but I was not impressed enough to make me happy.  So instead of releasing V2.0, I found all the things I could find and think of that might improve it further, and upgraded it.  Compared to V1.0 and V2.0, Version 2.1 is:

Much more powerful
Much more effective
Much faster acting
Works much better
Much more capable

This program is built in the Generation 5.5 technology format, meaning it uses an avalanche of super-advanced technologies under the hood to make it work.  If I tried to list them here, you would start snoring, so I’ll spare you the the list and the boredom. (For those of you who really wanna see the list anyway, it’s located after the instructions and testimonials at the end.)  Most of them are trade secrets anyway, and I could therefore not explain what they do.  But one thing this program does that you will find very interesting is that it uses a technique known as “energy flooding”.  This technique causes your subconscious mind to flood your body with the right kinds of energy that will help you achieve the program goals safely; in this case, with certain types of healing energy.

Even though it is not designed specifically to cause you to project that energy, when you have reached a state of being fully flooded with it, you will begin projecting it as overflow energy.  This projection of overflow energy has a noticeable effect on other people in most cases, and they may respond with more openness, interest, comfort being around you and in some cases, what appeared to be attraction responses were noted by some of my testers.  In effect, the program floods you with healing energy, and others will pick up on that.  Since healing energy feels good to be around, they may give responses like these while they are within 4 to 10 feet of you.

You should note that this will only happen if you are not using all of the healing energy your subconscious is attempting to flood your body with.  The goal is to always provide more than enough of this energy for your immune system to use for whatever it is attempting to accomplish, and in some cases it may use all of this energy for achieving its goals.  If it does, you will not have the overflow phenomenon.

You may also notice that the energy flooding gives you significantly more energy than usual and makes you feel better than even when you were not sick.  In some cases, we had reports from testers that it had side effects of helping with other problems, such as knee pain and issues.  It is healing energy, so if this happens to you, don’t be surprised.

Please keep in mind, different types of infectious agents come in different degrees of nastiness.  One might be weak and relatively harmless, another might knock you down for a week or more, a third might be your run of the mill few days of suffering in bed type cold or flu and a fourth might remain for years if left untreated.  Your immune system deals with each one of these according to it’s abilities, and the level of nastiness of the infectious agent may result in one infection being more obvious and longer lasting than another, even with the help of MIR.

Maximum Immune Response is designed for use immediately once you are aware that you are coming down with or have a cold, flu or other type of infection.  It can be used at any point in the infection cycle, but the earlier you start using it, the better. You stop using the program after you have been free of the infection and its symptoms for at least 3 days.  This allows the program to fight off and kill those last few stragglers who are left, who are not strong enough to produce symptoms, but who are strong enough to make you sick again if you stop using the program too soon.  Basically, like an antibiotic, the weakest germs are the easiest to kill, so they die first.  Then the germs of moderate strength, and the last ones left are the strongest at the end.  And like an antibiotic, you have to keep using it for the full time necessary to kill them all, because those last few stragglers at the end are the strongest.  Letting them reproduce will only make the infection more challenging to overcome.  So the rule of thumb is, use MIR until 3 days after all the symptoms are gone, at least.  And if when you stop using the program, it starts coming back, use it for three or four more days.

Because the program operates at such a high level of technology and intensity, and because it is doing what it is, it is normal for some people using the program to become very tired and even fall asleep while it is doing it’s job, whether or not they felt tired when they started using it.  The more tired it causes you to be, the more energy it is focusing on the immune system, and the more challenging the infection is to deal with.  Not everyone shows this tiredness response, however.

This program also uses very advanced and extremely powerful state shifting technology, designed to put you in the ideal state of mind and body to best fight the infection.  This sometimes makes itself known as feeling more “out of it” the worse the infection is, and more normal as the infection clears up again.  Generally, the more challenging the infection is, the more deeply you will probably find yourself in an altered state of awareness. Therefore, do not attempt to use it while you are driving, or doing anything (like operating heavy machinery, performing surgery, directing airline traffic, using deadly weapons or flying an aircraft) that requires you to be alert for that activity to be safe.  Also, do not do any of these things if you at all feel or suspect you may be in an altered state of awareness as a result of using this program.

If you want to have every possible advantage against infections of almost any kind, or you are a parent, or you cannot afford to lose work time — or you just hate being sick! (and who doesn’t?) — this program is what you need.  It is safe for use with children ages 6 and older.  It has had minimal testing on children under 6, but has shown signs of effectiveness on children as young as 4 years old, which was the youngest we tested.  If you expose a child under 18 years old to this program, or you are such a minor, please do so only with direct and constant supervision and attention from a parent or medical doctor.

Results will naturally vary depending on the specific pathogen type and strain you have become infected with, at what point in the infection cycle you start using the program, how much exposure you get while using it, and how well you provide for the three keys to fighting any infection (rest, hydration and raw materials).  If you use this program when you first become aware that you are becoming infected with something, it will usually trigger your body to overcome the infection within about 12 hours or less of usage (plus 3 days for safety, remember).  If you have an established cold, flu or infection, it usually takes around 2-3 days of straight usage (but occasionally longer) before the infection will be overcome, and again, another 3 days after symptoms are gone. You should continue using MIR for a minimum of 3 days straight after you believe you have overcome the infection.

Another excellent use for MIR is as an immune system booster for preventing infections you are exposed to.  Many times during testing, I was able to completely avoid colds and flus I was exposed to by using this program while being exposed and for a day or two afterwards.  If you expose more than one person at a time, please be alert for symptoms of energy overload, which may happen when two or more people are projecting high amounts of energy as overflow within each others’ presence.  If at any time you or anyone else exposed begins feeling unusually nervous, jittery, or has any symptoms of too much caffeine, you should immediately stop exposing the group, separate the people feeling that way from others by at least 15 feet, and revert back to exposing yourself only.  If you have a weak heart, heart condition, epilepsy or any neurological disorder related to epilepsy, never expose more than one person to this program at a time, as energy overload resulting from multiple simultaneous users may potentially result in problems with these conditions.

As the creator, do I use this program myself?  Yes I do, absolutely.  In fact, I created it for my own use originally.  For me, it has almost always put me back to good (from a cold or flu) within about 24 to 36 hours of continuous usage.  Of course, I always play it immediately upon realizing that I am coming down with something, and I generally prioritize sleep (or at least rest) above everything else while I am using it.

Remember that to overcome any cold, flu or infection, it is simply common sense that your body needs three key things:

Rest.  It must focus its energy on powering up your immune system for maximum performance, and that takes a lot of energy.  While MIR 2.1 attempts to provide as much of this energy as possible, you cannot be doing mentally or physically strenuous activities and rest, because this takes away from your body’s ability to focus on destroying the invader. Please allow yourself whatever amount of rest and sleep you need while using this program, no matter what time of day your mind and body decides it needs to rest or sleep, or how much rest or sleep it wants.
Water.  It is easy to become dehydrated while you are sick, and water keeps the whole thing going.  Make sure you drink plenty of water or an electrolyte replacement drink.
Raw Materials.  Like any army, your immune system needs to eat and have necessary supplies.  Your body cannot build and maintain an elite kick-butt immune system fighting force without the building blocks and energy to do so.  Therefore, you need to take a good vitamin supplement, and eat as best you can while you are sick.  That’s why “chicken soup” is so popular: it gives your body almost all of what it needs to build and power your immune system’s fighting force.

Give those to your body, and MIR will focus your  mind and body on destroying the infection as quickly as possible, and you will be back up and productive before you know it!

Please note that MIR can be used with, and will improve the effects of, antibiotics, colloidal silver, Airborne (TM), and other such methods for eradicating a cold, flu or other infection.


While the program is specifically designed to cause your immune system to only attack an infection, pregnant women should not use or be exposed to this program without consulting a medical doctor first, and having medical supervision during use.  If at any time you believe your infection is life threatening, please consult a medical doctor immediately and follow their instructions.  This program is not designed or intended to take the place of professional medical care if, when and where that is necessary to get better, and no such claim is expressed or implied.  While there are numerous safeties present in the script of this program, we have only been able to conduct very limited or no testing concerning people who have a weak heart, a heart condition, epilepsy, a neurological disorder related to epilepsy or an autoimmune disease.  If you have any of these conditions, you should therefore use MIR under the supervision of a medical doctor who knows and understands what it is you are doing, so they can monitor what happens as a precaution until you are sure that it is safe for you to use this program, or use it for extended periods of time. This program is designed only to cause your immune system to operate at peak focus and efficiency, and does not constitute, nor is it advertised, expressed or implied to be, any sort of “cure”.  It is also not intended for use against all forms of infection.  If you have an infection that is more serious than a cold or flu, be sure to use this program in addition to proper medical care, not as a replacement for it.  If at any time you feel any symptoms of energy overload, caffeine overload or nervous system overload, please stop using the program immediately and let this situation pass.  By using this program, you agree that all results of using this program are your sole responsibility.


Upon discovering that you have an infection, or as soon as possible after that, select your preferred track format and begin listening to MIR at the highest volume you can.  (In this case, higher volume equates to more powerful subconscious immune response.) Please take care to protect your hearing.

Listen to this program 24 hours a day until at least 3 days after the infection has apparently disappeared.  Yes, it might be inconvenient, but there’s nothing I can do about that, and it works.

The different track formats have different levels of volume for the subliminal audio, so they will also have different levels of power and impact.  From most powerful to least powerful, they are:

Hybrid format (Uses Masked and Ultrasonic at the same time. Most powerful)
Masked (Least powerful.)

You should not use the pure ultrasonic track with headphones, as over-voluming or under-voluming could result in problems.  Hybrid tracks, if you use them with headphones, adjust the volume a little lower than what you would normally use

Don’t switch formats once you start, since different power levels will cause problems if you go from a more powerful format to a less powerful one.  I discovered this when switching from hybrid to ultrasonic to go out to dinner one night.  For this reason, I recommend that if you have to go out in public at any time while using MIR, using ultrasonic format only, even though hybrid format is significantly more powerful.  Basically, avoid using masked formats if possible and use hybrid only if you can afford to stay home or play the audible version wherever you will be during the whole run.


This program is based on many trade secrets, and therefore the script will not be published.

Get Subliminal Shop – Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 2.1 download

Subliminal Shop – Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 2.1
Subliminal Shop – Maximum Sexual Irresistibility 2.1

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