Shannon Matteson – Subliminal Shop – Tranquilizer A (5.75g – Type ABC Hybrid)

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Shannon Matteson – Subliminal Shop – Tranquilizer A (5.75g – Type ABC Hybrid)

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Tranquilizer A is an audio subliminal program designed to create a state of relaxation, tranquility and peace, mentally, physically and emotionally, while keeping you fully awake and alert, so that you can remain functional and productive.

The design goal for this program was to allow me to return to being calm and able to work and be productive quickly and effectively when something pulled me into a negative state (specifically frustration or anger, which it does well); it is therefore designed to help quickly counteract short term anger, frustration and other forms of negativity and upset that disrupt your state of calm.

Please note that this program is NOT designed or intended to be or replace any medical treatment for anything, diagnosis of anything, or be used as an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant for chronic and/or serious anxiety or depression.  It is intended to pull you out of normal mild, occasional periods of “feeling down”.  If you need an anti-depressant for serious and/or chronic depression, please instead see a doctor who can help you with your depression.

Tranquilizer A can also be used when you are not feeling any negative state at all.  When used in this way, it has an effect very similar to eyes-open meditation.  It can be used to help you meditate without falling asleep.

Furthermore, it can potentially be used to help you prevent yourself from entering an angry or frustrated or agitated state by using it before and during a situation you know will likely trigger that state.

Here are some potential uses for this program:

  • Used before or while at work, it can help you remain calm, cool and collected while you are dealing with annoying and frustrating people, rules, regulations, circumstances and situations.  It’s exceptionally good for people who do direct customer service in person or on the phone, and people who have a co-worker or boss who irritates them.
  • If you can’t use it at work, then using it after work is a great way to de-stress and cool down.
  • It can help you study subjects that would normally trigger frustration to try to learn.
  • It can make dealing with others who frustrate you or are easily upset and frustrated easier, including parents, siblings, friends, significant others and even strangers.
  • It can be used to get entire groups of people calm down (provided that they are aware of it playing and give their consent to be exposed, of course).  This can be useful when tempers are running high, during debates, during negotiations and competitions.
  • It is helpful for inducing the right state of mind and emotion for meditations, alone or in group meditations.
  • It can potentially help defuse negative situations.
  • Used before and during a gaming session, it will slow down and reduce upset, anger and frustration considerably. (I was kind of surprised at how it worked for this when I was having trouble with my gaming console controller being wonky.)

What does it feel like?  That depends on your personality and current level of stress when you start using it.  If you’re not outright angry or frustrated, but not exactly calm and tranquil, that experience can be like this:

Imagine smoothly entering a gentle state of mental, emotional and physical calm, relaxation,  tranquility and awakeness.  Without contrast to compare it to, it doesn’t really feel like anything; you “simply are” relaxed, calm and tranquil.  It is akin to meditating successfully, or sitting at the beach alone and enjoying the sound of the waves without a care in the world, or sitting and observing the sun rise over a perfectly still lake in the deep, quiet forest.  It is a sort of “becoming tranquility”.  Very pleasant, when you think about it.

If you are calm and tranquil already, it isn’t much of a change, and you may not be able to notice anything happening.  The further you get from that state of being, the more obvious it becomes what this program does, and what it feels like.  So if you are stressed out, frustrated, angry, or otherwise feeling negative and then turn it on, this program will produce an effect that is very dramatic and obvious, which you will very much enjoy and appreciate.  If you use it before experiencing a situation which would normally produce a negative, disruptive emotional response in you, you will find that the disruptive emotional state is slowed down, reduced and more quickly dissipated.

This program is Instant On and Instant Off.  It starts working immediately when you turn it on, and stops working immediately when you turn it off.  It is therefore not suitable for long term use or being long term programming; it is designed and intended to be used as needed, in the moment only.

How long does it take to do something you can see?  Presuming you are in a state in which there is enough contrast to see its effect, it may take only a few minutes to achieve noticeable effect, or it may require as much as 45 minutes, depending on how upset you are when you start using it, and your personality.

One of our testers for this is a guy who, when he gets upset the right way, can seethe and smolder with anger for 2 or 3 full days before he calms down.  This anger has always caused him to be unable to focus and so it is very disruptive to his ability to work.  He has learned to calm this down within 2-3 hours when he applies conscious effort, but reported that during testing, this program calmed him down in just 44 minutes.  That means that means it works about 3 times faster than his best efforts do, which is very impressive.  Your mileage may vary, of course.

Please note that it is designed to feel as natural as possible, so it may require considerable effort for some people to consciously notice what it is doing.  You can more easily see what it is doing by comparing your mood and state over the course of several 15 minute intervals.

Because this program is designed to help you stay awake and alert, it has a mild awakening effect which is similar to, but not nearly as strong as, the Awakener 5.75G.  This effect can, over too much continuous use, result in becoming tired as you use up your brain’s reserves of energy and ability to focus continually.  Please get to know how long you can use this program before it makes you tired, so that you can use it safely and appropriately.

The Fear Removal Module 4.8 os ON in this program.  The Non-Directional Reflection Shield is OFF.


This program is designed and intended to be used as desire, for “in the moment” usage ONLY.  It is NOT designed or intended to be used for long term programming, and you should NOT try to use it that way, as doing so may disrupt your sleeping patterns and sleep quality.

Do not use this program while you are driving, operating or piloting any type of heavy machinery, air- or watercraft or other type of vehicle.  Do not use this program while you are handling or using weapons of any kind.  This program is not suitable for use in situations where you need maximum physical strength, as the relaxation effect will relax you physically.  The tranquility effect may also also contradict the competitive spirit, so please use this program when it is appropriate to use it.

To use this program correctly, all you need to do is select your preferred format and play it at the volume you are most comfortable with.  If you are using the ultrasonic or hybrid track, you should not use it with headphones or earbuds because of the ultrasonic component.  To properly calibrate the volume on the ultrasonic track, simply use one of the other tracks to achieve a comfortable listening volume.

You can use this program on loop mode, but no set number of loops is necessary or required.  I suggest that you use it for 1 loop and allow yourself to observe how that loop affects you for the rest of the day, or maybe days.  Then try 2 loops when it fades out, and so on, until you are familiar with how it affects you and what you need.

Use it as long as is desired – as long as you are not using it alongside any other subliminal. If you are using it along with another subliminal, limit your exposure to 1 loop a day, and if that disrupts your other subliminal use it less frequently still.  This is not intended to be used alongside any subliminal that will contradict the states it produces, or alongside more than one (1) other subliminal.

Be mindful not to use it too close to your bed time, as it may for some people have a temporary awakening effect that lingers for a bit.

No days on or days off is necessary for this program, since it is used In The Moment only

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Shannon Matteson – Subliminal Shop – Tranquilizer A (5.75g – Type ABC Hybrid)
Shannon Matteson – Subliminal Shop – Tranquilizer A (5.75g – Type ABC Hybrid)

Original price was: $129.00.Current price is: $38.00.

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