Paul Wong – Art of Neutrality – Foundations + Inner Zen

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Paul Wong – Art of Neutrality – Foundations + Inner Zen

Paul Wong - Art of Neutrality - Foundations + Inner Zen

Paul Wong

The Art of Neutrality – 2 Complete Video Training Courses:
1) Foundations
2) Inner Zen


Would you like to learn cutting edge energetic technology — different from what you have learned in other energy healing workshops? The missing piece for success in any field of life – and for eliminating pain; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This training video clearly illustrates the specific awareness shifting exercises that will bring you closer to the state of neutrality. When you deepen your experience and understanding of this awareness of being neutral, self-healing occurs naturally and rapidly.

This set of trainings comes in downloadable links and consists of about 6 hours of video recording from one of Paul Wong’s recent live training events featuring both the Fundamentals of the Art of Neutrality, including the e-book, and Inner Zen, including the e-book. Receive a similar level of understanding and experience as the live training and be able to watch it repeatedly, at home. Watch and learn as this unique group of participants goes through complete transformation by doing energetic corrections to release stress from the past and present.

What is Neutrality?

Neutrality means being without attachments or ‘conditionings’, it does not mean apathy. Your happiness and peace should not depend on a narrow set of circumstances, but remain strong regardless of circumstance. This is what mastering the Art of Neutrality can do for you!

When the mind is neutral it is experienced as Blank, Quiet, Empty or still according to Zen masters. Full neutrality is unconditional acceptance, calmness, peace and love.

What are the benefits of neutrality?
Relieve aches & pains fast without medication
Clear mental and emotional stress fast
Regenerate and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit naturally
Improve relationships
Improve performance at job, athletics, etc.,
Peace of mind, awakening
Increase natural intuitive abilities
Free up your creativity for better problem solving

Examples of how neutrality can help no matter what field you are in:
Holistic practitioners, i.e. naturopathy, massage, Reiki etc. If you are not neutral you cannot connect to your intutive abilities and it can be difficult to determine what the issues are and how to help with it.
Doctors and nurses. If you sometimes take on the stresses of your patients and then you don’t have a way to clear it out, it’s not easy to make calm centered decisions.
Athletes. If you get emotionally charged when your team is down a few points, you may not be able to access your peak performance.

What you will learn:
Awareness exercises
Categories of energy imbalances
How to develop your intuition to find energetic imbalances in people, places and things
How to correct energetic imbalances from past, present, future to achieve Inner Zen

Inner Zen:

After learning the basics of Neutrality in the first half, the second half, Inner Zen, takes the experience to a deeper level and teaches neutrality toward both positive and negative attachments. It is surprising to discover the issues buried behind even your positive attachments i.e. favorite food, person, place etc. Profound releases were experienced which frees up a lot of energy for creative solutions to life’s challenges.

Get Paul Wong – Art of Neutrality – Foundations + Inner Zen download

Throughout the rest of the class, students do self-exploration and learn to neutralize deep rooted attachments to beliefs that are no longer true; attachments to personal values and to success with regard to relationships, career and overall life. This allows greater openness to new understandings and perspectives in life.

By the end of the training, students experienced a deep sense of peace and the ability to deal with whatever life throws you from a state of strength and power (neutrality).

Neutrality is a journey that furthers people on their way to unconditional love and even awakening.


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Paul Wong – Art of Neutrality – Foundations + Inner Zen
Paul Wong – Art of Neutrality – Foundations + Inner Zen

Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $42.00.

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