Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Language Patterns Full Set

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Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Language Patterns Full Set

Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Language Patterns Full Set

“My Black Book Of Hypnotic Language Patterns Guaranteed To Show You How You Can Secretly Control The Thoughts And Behaviors Of Others Using Nothing But (What Appears To Be) A Simple Conversation!”
Simply “Copy & Paste” These Hypnotic Language Templates To Covertly Persuade Others

February 07, 2020

Hey it’s Paul again.

I wanted to let you in on this one time opportunity but I want to make sure this is right for you so let me ask you..

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to almost magically command the attention and admiration of others?
Have you ever wanted to equip yourself with the ability to “cast a spell” and easily get others to do what you want them to?
Did you ever wish there was an ultra-effective, yet super-simple way to hypnotically en-trance the minds of just about anyone?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then this may very well be the most important letter you ever read
Before we go any further, I need you to understand that what I’m about to reveal here WILL enable you to become a person with powers far more advanced than the average human being. And as the person introducing it to you, I have to morally (and legally) tell you that this information should only be used with good intentions.It should not be used to manipulate, coerce or unwillingly force people to do things that are not mutually beneficial to both parties.

Now with that being said, just so you understand:

It doesn’t matter if you have no clue where to begin
It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to read and/or understand conversational hypnosis or hypnotic language patterns a thousand times before and couldn’t figure it out
It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried this before only to fail in “real life” settings no matter how hard you try
It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never even one good conversation or social interaction in your entire life

In fact, the more challenges you’ve had trying to master the art of hypnotically getting others to do what you want them to, the more EXCITED I am to share my unique twist on this information with you.

First things first, many people think hypnosis is about practicing some kind of voodoo on people to make them cluck like chickens or bark like dogs.

And while you could do things like that if you really wanted to, hypnosis is more about getting people to achieve a certain state of mind. This is known as a trance.
Here’s What You May Not Know

Every single person is in trance at every moment of the day.

All you simply do is transition from one trance to the next.

When you ate breakfast this morning, you were in a trance.

When you took a shower or went to work or walked the dog, you were in a trance.

In fact, as you read this letter you’re in one once again.

Later on, if you watch a good movie or read a good book, you’ll be in another one.

The only difference between the trances are the levels of depth meaning that sometimes the trance is deeper than it is at other times.

For example, when you watch a really good movie or are really involved in something that interests you, you’re trance is just deeper than it is when you aren’t doing those things.

To keep it simple, the trance NEVER ends. It continues on until you go to sleep and your state of mind goes in a slightly different direction.

It will fluctuate from time to time and the key to hypnotizing people is to just get that trance deeper than it usually is.
Now Here’s The Interesting Part

Get Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Language Patterns Full Set download

Less than 1 percent of the people in this world know how to really get people to do what they want them to.

The key to getting people to do what they want them to is getting them into a desired trance.

The reasons have to do with these three (often paralyzing) hurdles:

They Don’t Know What A Trance Really Is – Most people think trances take place when people are in a state similar to walking zombies. They think it involves black magic or some weird kind of ritual.
They Assume Trances Are Too Hard To Achieve – Because of the first false assumption of thinking a trance is something different than it really is, they again falsely assume that getting a person into a trance is just too difficult or unlikely. They think that only a select group of people like hypnotists or magicians can pull it off.
They Instead Choose Other Less Reliable Ways To Covertly Influence – Because of the this overall lack of understanding of what trances really are, people resort to other tactics like manipulation, coercion, exertion of authority or power which ultimately backfire on them and make people even more resistant to them.

What’s really alarming about these facts is that in terms of vocal communication, the conversation is perhaps the most important element because it sets the stage for everything else.

The result is that they never acquire the skills needed to truly hypnotize people by simply speaking.

Then of course, there are the people that never learn this stuff because they completely underestimate the value of it.

Well just in case you weren’t sure, here are:
Four Reasons Why You Should Learn Hypnotic Language Patterns

You will always need the help of others.
Your happiness is in direct proportion to your relationships.
The quality of your relationships are in direct proportion your communication skills.
Your communication skills can easily be improved to a level beyond that of the average person making your more likely to get what you need from others spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

I could go on for days telling you why hypnotic language patterns should be something that everyone learns but instead, I’ll just ask you three simple questions:

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could get someone specific to view YOU as the trusted authority and listen to what you have to say?
Have you ever wished you could be that person that walks into a room full of people and seems to be the magnet that everyone is mysteriously drawn to?
Do you desire to have the ability to almost magically command the attention of anyone you choose?

Here’s The Truth

Now I’m not claiming to be the first person to introduce hypnotic language patterns but I WILL be bold enough to say that I believe that my program far surpasses the rest.

Here’s why:

You see, in it’s rawest form information is nothing but data. And truth be told, it’s actually useless until you apply it.

The problem is that most people just simply do not apply the information they have.

And the sad part is….many people jump through all kinds of hoops (especially financially) to obtain the information that they believe can help them only to look at it once and put it on the back burner for what usually turns out to be a very long time; if not forever.

How do I know?

Because at one point, I was the exact same way.

I was constantly in search of some magical piece of secret information that would solve all of my problems.

I was spending money hand over fist buying books, cd’s, attending seminars…you name it, I spent money it.

Then I would suffer from the 7 minute syndrome.

Perhaps you’re familiar with it.

It’s what happens when you purchase something and read or listen to it for about seven minutes and never look at it again.

So why exactly does this happen?

Is it laziness?

Is it procrastination?

Is it lack of drive?

I don’t really consider myself to be any one of those things yet I was acting like all of them.

I realized that I was simply just becoming extremely disinterested and bored with what I was supposed to be learning.

And just like everything else in life whether it’s your career, business, job or relationship, once you lose interest it’s hard to stay engaged and sooner or later you’re just looking for a way out.

That’s why I decided that when I would finally bring my years of research on behavior modification, psychology and hypnosis to the world, I would make it my business to create a dynamic within my programs that keeps people engaged.

If so, then you need not look any further.

I’ve combined my over 12 years of research and study on this topic with my intense desire to deliver only the most effective information though a dynamic delivery and happy happy to bring you…
Hypnotic Language Patterns  by Paul Mascetta


This program includes 2 digital PDF ebooks and 6 audio modules (approx. 30 minutes each) all of which are available for immediate digital download.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pure GOLD you will discover in this program:

A powerful pattern that allows you to seamlessly shift the attention of someone’s thoughts to the direction of your choice
How to make even the most distracted mind completely engaged and interested in what you have to offer
A simple but dangerously effective 3 part pattern that leads people to your command while they simply just feel attracted to your charisma
A top brass technique that instantly makes whatever you’re saying immensely credible and trusted by others
Eight extremely important things you must know in order to make hypnotic language patterns work for you that almost no one else talks about
How to transform what appears to be the most hopeless of situations into a scenario which results in the other party not only agreeing with you but asking for your advice
The key to effectively breaking a current trance and inducing the one of your choice so you can get your target on track to your way of thinking
How to easily redirect the flow of thought and conversation by switching one simple word
How to make even the most hard-headed or stubborn person rapidly change their perspective so they become more agreeable with you
A simple pattern that allows you to transform your perceived weakness into powerful strengths in the eyes of your target
The stuff you MUST know if you want to use hypnotic patterns the right way so they never backfire on you
How to get your target to see your point even when it completely goes against theirs without ever realizing what’s going on
How to covertly diffuse even the most hostile target so you can prepare them to become compliant
One super powerful (yet completely underutilized) word that changes the entire direction of a conversation
Five different ways to apply the agreement pattern which is a powerful weapon that can be used in heated debates or hostile arguments
How to use induction statements to introduce the result that you want to take place in any given situation
What to looks for when patterns aren’t working as expected to re-inject them with power once again (another very important aspect that no one else talks about)
A sneaky little trick which basically leads your target directly into filling your desires with ease
A super natural like pattern that completely redefines you target’s thought process which works really well when you begin to lose ground in your conversation
Eight of my personal “go to” tactics for increasing confidence when practicing hypnotic language patterns so you always remain in control
How to shatter objections and move straight to compliance
The real key to building rapport which goes against what 99% of the so called “experts” say is right
Seven of the most potently persuasive words you can use to layer your target’s mind with thoughts of filling your desires
The three essential phases to using hypnotic language patterns and persuasion for sales
How to create instant truth and awareness in any situation so your target is captivated by your presence

The first element of a person that you must impact to create “next level change” in the way they think and feel
The key to determining the right time to begin pulling emotional triggers which redirect thoughts and behaviors
The key to determining the right time to begin pulling emotional triggers which redirect thoughts and behaviors
How to create laser like focus when using hypnotic language patterns so that you always remain sharp
The dual reality principle revealed which enables you to understand how and why people interpret things differently so you taylor your pattern structure appropriately
The four levels of human perception and why not understanding each one will almost ALWAYS set you up for failure before you even begin
How to effectively structure your patterns based on the level that your target is functioning at
The four different forms of information that can be encapsulated into your patterns to make them iron clad
How to use your vocal language to serve as the fuel that ignites the fire within your patterns
How to covertly embed thoughts into your targets mind
My patented 6 step formula to help retrain the mind of a someone having issues with coping
A 12 step plan for mastering level 2 embedded commands
A little known pattern that transfers images and sensations directly to another person’s mind without them knowing it
An advanced seduction pattern that draws people to you like bees to a hive
How to make use of the biggest enemy of every influencer and use it advantageously
How to uncover a persona’s most cherished values
How to appear as a credible expert in one simple step
Seven key things you must learn to achieve higher social status so people respect and admire you
And much, much more!

Three Reasons Why My Program Is Better Than Everything Else On The Market

It’s Easy To Understand And Apply – I deliver my information as if I was talking to you over a dinner where you’re relaxed and actually enjoy what I’m saying rather than being bored stiff and dreading your next listen/read.
Price Is Just Incomparable – Most products on conversational hypnosis or hypnotic language patterns can easily cost $200 and up. At the price below, this one is a down right robbery.
It Contains Only The Most Relevant Information – I won’t waste your time filling your head with a bunch of cool sounding, intricate information that can’t be applied in real life situations.

“Hi Paul, I want to thank you!! First,  for making the products that I have purchased from you. I am a repeat customer of yours. Your materials have pushed me to new levels of interpersonal awareness and communication effectiveness. I thought I was a master at communication-and I was-but you have turbocharged my skills, my effectiveness, and my knowledge base in a way that I would not have believed possible. I have studied this subject at length -and your breadth of knowledge, combined with a presentation style that I find warm, engaging and interesting -is absolutely the best stuff anywhere. Your practical, detailed descriptions and your way of summing up things to do/not do, and things to watch for in other people are so valuable. This component of your materials is absolutely unique to you.I look forward to all that you will create  in the future.”
Harry Panitch, Loyal Customer
“Paul,I have to tell you that you taught me more about writing sales letters than anyone before. By coincidence, I was working on a sales letter that I thought was great. It had humor and and many teasers…but not one of the hot triggers that you sent me recently! (I used the scarcity trigger, the price reduction trigger, a make life easier trigger for teachers by ordering my lesson planner.”
John Lundgren
“Thanks so much for all your training. Thanks for the offers you send, to learn more of the training. I study and practice every day. I love your work! I study and practice your materials adamantly. I will continue my studies with you, and advance my level of knowledge and skill. Thank You so much for all you do!”
Tony Spinelli, Milford CT

Knowing that my program will engage and inspire you far beyond most of what’s out there on this topic combined with fact that it includes some truly cutting edge information, I know that I could easily charge upwards of $100 for this program.

And if you look around, you’ll see that’s what most of my competitors charge.

But anyone who knows me knows I believe in getting a damn good deal when I buy something and because of that, I also like to GIVE my customers a great deal as well.

So rather than putting this program on the market for $99 or more, I decided that I would offer it for around 25% less than the market average which is about $75.
Here’s Where It Gets Even Better

Against the advice of my marketing team, I’m going to say…

Get Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Language Patterns Full Set download

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Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Language Patterns Full Set
Paul Mascetta – Hypnotic Language Patterns Full Set

Original price was: $57.00.Current price is: $22.00.

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