Panache Desai – Igniting Boundless Receiving

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Panache Desai – Igniting Boundless Receiving

Panache Desai - Igniting Boundless Receiving

Commit 35 minutes each morning and 30 minutes each night for the next 33 days and watch how Universal Possibility meets you in the field of limitless potential. With these innovative vibrational tools, teachings, integrations, meditations and energetic activations, Panache gives you the keys to creating the life of your dreams.

Part 1: Breakthrough Session on Limitless Abundance and Boundless Receiving

In this first hour, Panache energetically anchors you in your magnificence. Raise your vibration. Build your trust. Connect with your abundant nature. This powerful meditation opens up and activates your energetic channels to access a life that is full and overflowing.

Part 2: A 33-Day Density Detox

Your capacity to receive is boundless, but you’re held back by blockages in your vibrational body. For the next 33 days, start your day with this 30-minute Density Detox – a vibrational tool that is designed to energetically break-up the un-experienced and unresolved imprints trapped within your energy body.  Each day feel clearer, lighter, and more peaceful.
Note:  The same Density Detox is repeated each of the 33 days. This is intentional. The repetition of this powerful vibrational Detox provides the deep, profound vibrational shift in your beings, as it has an exponential effect with each listening.

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Part 3: 33-Days of Inspirational Inquiry

Following your daily Density Detox, each inquiry lays a vibrational foundation for conscious abundance by affirming your willingness to allow Universal Consciousness to ignite your right to boundless receiving.

Slumber into Possibility Nighttime Meditation

Each night, Panache offers a 30-minute Encoding Protocol™ – this meditation works directly with your subconscious to vibrationally grant you access to limitless abundance. Save your progress from this day and launch your next day at a higher state of receptivity.

Vibrational Integration: Foundation of All Transformation

Listen to this 8-minute mediation every day and BE the greatest expression of YOU possible.

Shatter the Vibrational Density that Keeps You from All That You Desire 
“Abundance is so much more than just the flow of money,” says Spiritual Master Panache Desai. “It encompasses unconditional love, vibrant health and vitality, infinite connection to source and of course financial prosperity… it’s all your birthright.”

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Panache Desai – Igniting Boundless Receiving
Panache Desai – Igniting Boundless Receiving

Original price was: $222.00.Current price is: $52.00.

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