Mr Twenty Twenty – Positions of Power MegaPackage

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Mr Twenty Twenty - Positions of Power MegaPackage

Mr Twenty Twenty – Positions of Power MegaPackage

What if you could get the training you need to create massive change in your life – for less than it costs you to go out to the movies and distract yourself for just a little while?

+++++ Original Positions Of Power Page is below – with special pricing for this event. +++++

“Positions of Power trains you in 12 distinct shifts to help you activate and access your Unstoppable Personal Power. As you listen and do the tiny drills, your mind is reconditioned from core levels, while you are given tools and techniques that we have been designing and refining for over 20 years in the field.

You will find yourself doing more of what it takes – feeling good about it – and coming from effortless power.”


“My biggest problem after becoming an nlp practitioner, taking the est training twice , etc.. etc. is when do I – just jump off and attack life with the playfulness I did as a kid?

I’ve been saving myself…..So every day I look forward to each challenge and play full out at work so I can then allow myself personal time after work. Started rollerblading again, and now for the scary part…. I am working on (meaning actually doing it and not in my head about it) talking to people I meet and see and being friendly and confident… allowing myself to be me.

I have been getting compliments…. I could write a book here, but I will stop.” – The Killer IRS CPA Joe Mastriano


Hey Mr Twenty Twenty,

Positions of Power is getting me GREAT results. The Pivot Points you point out in the recordings help me focus at work and get more done faster. And the mindset methods help me be less stressed while enjoying my job more. That’s what I call real world results. David Markov – Palmdale, CA
Positions of Power is going to change the way you think about everything. Forget about what you’ve seen and read before, this is the real deal combining the old school masters teachings with revolutionary news techniques for undeniable results. Nice play Mr Twenty Twenty. Tim – London, England.



September 26, 2012 – Now, I have examined and had a go at many spiritual changing programs,  but when I read the hostage taking incident and listened to his story about paradigm change it clicked for me .  I have seen those sort of changes throughout the years of seeking.  
I write childrens books and I got published twice in 2009 and 2010 so you would think I would be happy wouldnt you ?
 Well those two little picture books were awful to write, so when I finished my most recent book – science fiction- and met with a publisher who said, “Nice Maggie but it needs a complete rewrite and another 20.000 words before we take it, I  had a fit and couldn’t see where to start or finish or what to change etc.
 I  knew it needed work, but i was actually paralyzed. I had a talk with Mr Twenty Twenty on skype  and first of all I took to him, because his honesty is lovely, and he isn’t pretensions.  (I have had my fill of suave double talking professorial guru types .)  
So I bought Positions of Power and lo and behold a chapter pounded out and then half a chapter and the book is written so i know its going to be lovely .  The main thing is that it is simple and doable and I already  see results.   – Maggie.

Are you making this CLASSIC MISTAKE that the course corrects? Most people make the mistake of BELIEVING that THE METHOD is where the power is. It’s easy to do, because most marketing PROGRAMS you to make this mistake. If you do this, you’ll be buying more and more, and doing less and less. Trying to find the ALMOST LOST NLP methods or having to spend thousands on THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN NLP – wasting time, life, and money.

If you are making the second most common mistake, you are faking it until you make it. Pretending to have the ATTITUDE or SKILLS, hijacks your life, so that you don’t actually take the time to develop your skill sets and state control you need to succeed. So don’t you ever, “fake it till you make it. Listen up BUCKWHEAT.

Pretending is PRETENDING. Deciding that you are coming from power – when you AREN’T FULLY ACCESSING AND FEELING IT can not possibly put you back into YOUR POSITIONS OF POWER –

THE MASTER KEY IS, you need to UNLOCK THE LOCKS – that GENERATE THE EXPERIENCES of PERSONAL POWER. That is what the Positions Of Power Training Package is designed to help you do – effectively.

HOW COMMITTED ARE YOU TO DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THAT?    Making THE COMMITMENT is the OBVIOUS FIRST STEP – but what is needed next is a system designed to help you GENERATE THE EXPERIENCES you need so the shifts happen – pronto.

That is why THEORY isn’t gonna cut it anymore and…

That is EXACTLY why we produced POSITIONS OF POWER for you. It is the next best thing to investing $2,500, buying an overpriced plane ticket, flying to Australia, and renting Mr Twenty Twenty privately for a long weekend.

And what’s nice, you can use this entire package – The Black Book – The Recordings, the email support – FOREVER – anytime – anywhere.


Because almost every training package you’ll find elsewhere gives you MORE THEORY and EVEN MORE STUFF you need to learn TO DO – you will find POSITIONS OF POWER very powerful, fast, and DIFFERENT – because once you listen in – and make a just a few simple shifts YOU WILL HAVE MUCH MORE POWER in your life.


15 SOLID GOLD RECORDINGS. MORE THAN 12 solid hours of NO HOLDS BARRED AND NO BULLSHIT recordings DESIGNED to DELIBERATELY REDESIGN YOUR MIND – and BRING THE POWER HOME. (With this special offer, that’s about $7 per hour – for one on one training.)

The POSITIONS OF POWER BLACK BOOK is yours too. It’s totally rocking, with plenty of POWER POINTS to make sure you TOTALLY GET IT. So expect MASSIVE results. (Print it out, mark it up. It can be used as your personal training diary – it’s that good.)


  • IN POSITIONS OF POWER YOU ARE LEARNING WHY YOU NEED ROCKSTAR RAPPORT. How to own any room, and get rapport – fast and furious. (Because most rapport methods have you UNCONSCIOUSLY getting rapport with other people’s limitations and problems – effectively making them yours.)
  • ELIMINATING SHITTY BELIEFS will become LIGHTNING FAST for you. (When you learn EXACTLY what a shitty belief is, and how we deal with them, you will have saved yourself MEGATONS of time and stress.)
  • SALES AND PERSUASION POWER POSTIONS – Amp up your natural powers of INFLUENCE – FAST. (It’s not about selling THEM anything. It’s about you and them BUYING what is being sold – together. We call this Zero Resistance Selling.)
  • You will eliminate the NEED FOR STRESS AND DEADLINES in your life. So taking MASSIVE ACTION will be your natural state. (Deadlines might produce results, but they also can produce MAJOR STRESS. We have a ONE of a kind way of eliminating all that – instantly.)
  • Stop trading TIME FOR MONEY – if you want to – you’ll get THE POSITIONS OF POWER that free you from the 40 hours a week – slavery system. (When you learn how we LEVERAGE everything we do – you’ll be finding all kinds of ways to generate much more buck from your bang.)
  • MOMENTS OF MAGIC – (Hold that phrase in mind…. while you listen to the entire course – and you will be shockingly surprised at what you discover about you and your world.)
  • Learn how to truly become OUTCOME oriented AND MASSIVELY PRODUCTIVE – and STOP being a busy bee – stressed out and TASK ORIENTED – like 95% of the human race. (Focus on solving problems with ONE part of your mind, and the other parts will actually CREATE MORE of them – so that you stay busy, stressed, and IMPORTANT. Learn how to generate results – instead of solving problems.)
  • IMAGINATION ACTIVATION – Learn how to DREAM SUCCESS and DEVELOP CUTTING EDGE THINKING – instead of daydreaming your life away. (People who don’t get this, daydream in a distraction kind of way. People who learn this method – become like Nicola Tesla – and use their imaginations VERY POWERFULLY.)
  • Discover why most people who attempt to imagine a better life never TAKE CONSISTENT CUTTING EDGE action – and how not to be a DELUSIONAL BASTARD. (Nuff said on that one.)
  • INTERNALIZE how to STOP DEAD HIDDEN NEEDS for APPROVAL – so you can have IMPACT that matters. (Can you say results – massive results – minimal effort?.)
  • EXPONENTIALLY AMP UP your life and lifestyle. Instead of ADDING IN more CRAP, CLUTTER AND STRESS. (Busy does not equal active. Busy leads to burn out. Active generates massive change – that energizes you.)
  • LEARN WHY you should never attempt to REPROGRAM your mind – it resists REPROGRAMMING – and how to UPGRADE AND UPDATE your programming and patterning instead. Eliminate INTERNAL RESISTANCE NOW!
  • Why AFFIRMATIONS almost never create powerful change OVER 90% of the time – and how to use them SO THAT THEY DO WORK POWERFULLY for you.
  • ELIMINATE the need to do any BELIEF CHANGE WORK – forever. And learn how to RUN YOUR MIND at LIGHT SPEED – in seconds.

Tons – MEGATONS more. Some obvious. Some covert, sneaky, hidden. You will be listening to these recordings AGAIN AND AGAIN. You will be enjoying them and taking them apart for YEARS – if you want to.

RETAIL $497. (That is NOT what you are going to pay today.)

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Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS: If you don’t get it today, odds are you will in the next year waste megatime and TONS OF MONEY tracking down more TECHNIQUES AND STUFF TO DO – instead of UNLOCKING THE KEYS AND FINALLY OWNING YOUR POWER.

  • INTRODUCTION 1: The Power of Elimination.
  • INTRODUCTION 2: Streamlining Sales and Behavior Change.
  • FAST ATTACK 1: Series Setup 1 – Setup methods and mindsets.
  • FAST ATTACK 2: Series Setup 2 – More Setup methods and mindsets.
  • FAST ATTACK 3: Rockstar Rapport – Owning the room. The Position of Perspective.
  • FAST ATTACK 4: Deadlines to Determination – Eliminate pressure and deadlines. Determine your destiny.
  • FAST ATTACK 5: Renaming and Reframing – Most reframing becomes word play and headgames. The Positions Of Power approach engages THE POWER OF ESSENCE.
  • FAST ATTACK 6: Imagination Activation – Stress and lazyness result from delustional daydreaming. Step by step IMAGINATION ACTIVATION unleashes your innate creative and motivational powers.
  • FAST ATTACK 7: Ideal Impact – Eliminating COMPLETELY the need for APPROVAL and engaging the POWER OF IMPACT.
  • FAST ATTACK 8: Exponential Action – Stop adding in more stress and stuff to do – start GETTING EXPONENTIALLY more powerful and fast results.
  • FAST ATTACK 10: Sob Patterns – Eliminating struggle and the need for BELIEF CHANGE.
  • FAST ATTACK 11: Daily Dozen – Depression Destroyers – Hidden SUBTLE depression KILLS your hopes and dreams FIRST. Use these POSITIONS to ELIMINATE HIDDEN DEPRESSION.
  • FAST ATTACK 12: Fast Furious Fat Fighters – Eliminating FAT from both the body and the mind. THREE CUTTING EDGE methods to ROCK YOUR WORLD.

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Mr Twenty Twenty – Positions of Power MegaPackage
Mr Twenty Twenty – Positions of Power MegaPackage

Original price was: $37.00.Current price is: $31.90.

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