Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course

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Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course

Michael Schmitz - Everyday German Course


I broke down the German language in a logical way that is simple and makes sense. You will understand everything as I explain things in simple English instead of the usual Gibberish.

My system was originally developed for private clients but thanks to modern technology you also can afford working “with me” and benefit from my experience as a German language tutor and learner of over 20 years.

Get to know powerful self-learning techniques, which help you to learn independently and effectively. Learn whenever and wherever you want in your very own speed without any competition to fully enjoy the learning process.
With our Everday German course you will learn

German up to level B1 easily (this covers: vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and to a certain degree also writing and speaking)
Powerful learning techniques useful also for your time after having reached level B1.
How to organize your German learning efficiently and effectively so that you can spend your precious lifetime on things you enjoy the most.

How does it work?

This course is more than just a presentation of all necessary grammar and vocabulary. It will help you to learn efficiently and effectively with its wholistic and experience-based approach. Don’t trust my words, experience it first hand by working through the intro and the 1st lesson yourself. Just scroll down until you see the curriculum.
Improve Your Skills

Learn how to read, listen, write, speak, learn & apply grammar, pronounce words
Forget tables and lists…

rather learn how to develop a good feeling for the German language and speak properly intuitively
We will all die…

don’t waste time with outdated learning approaches like e.g. Duolingo or Rosetta Stone.
A language is undividedly connected to life…

learn to avoid frustation and start enjoying every step on the way.
Boost your memory…

Learn how to deal with stuff that seems impossible to remember
What you can expect in this course

Every lesson consists of several mini-steps that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. All you need are 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there. You’ll learn about all important grammatical topics like:

How to learn and never forget the German articles
How to make sense of the German cases (above all Akkusativ and Dativ).
Master the irregular verbs in a couple of hours.

What’s in the course:

The reason why the smarterGerman method is so effective, is because it’s combining over 20 years of practical experience on both sides of the classroom with a scientifically proven to work learning techniques.

I developed this course due to getting bored to death in the over 20 language courses I took and even in my own German classes (with me teaching them) where we were only allowed to speak German to the students. Needless to say that those classes were far from efficient.

The course includes over 54 lectures which are segregated in 6-8 steps each, featuring over a hundred videos of more than 35 hours of video lessons and detailed supporting text modules. I have also added over 50 fantastic learning songs especially created for the purpose of learning German more intuitively.

This course is built on the following 7 principles:


You can only learn properly and efficiently if you understand what you are dealing with. Therefore in this course you’ll find crystal clear explanations in a language you actually understand (which is everyday English).


I want you to always know where you are in your learning process and what to do next. And how much to do of what. This course is structured in a very clear and efficient manner. You can focus 100% on your German learning and forget about fiddling around with materials.


Most of you learn a language to make use of it asap and not to brag about the Akkusativ or other sexy grammar features of the German language on the next Munchkin-party of your local board game cafe. Language needs to be used and not (only) explained. Therefore this course makes you use your German again and again and again until you get it.


Life doesn’t care whether you got a German class. Online learning is the way to go. You are sick? Your children? Something else happened? No problem. Just continue where you left off and learn German whenever and wherever it suits you best.


Every learner’s aim is to become more independent. This is this course’s priority. It’ll take you by the hand and will push you out of your comfortable next once you are ready to fly. Don’t worry, you’ll fly.

Get Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course download


Try this course on your mobile device or in the free Teachable app (iOS only, Android not available any time soon) that even allows you to download the course content for offline learning.


Learning German can be quite a challenging experience. Therefore we offer you support in form of answering your questions in the comments and weekly 30mins meetups in English with Michael in which you can ask anything you have on your chest or just join for some really motivating and interesting pep-talk. Hell, we currently even correct your writing assignments within 48 hours (not on weekends though and this might change in the future but not without providing you with similarly effective tools).


Readmore: http://archive.is/lYymM

Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course
Michael Schmitz – Everyday German Course

Original price was: $429.00.Current price is: $77.00.

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