Michael D. Yapko – Essentials of Hypnosis 2nd Edition

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Michael D. Yapko – Essentials of Hypnosis 2nd Edition

 Michael D. Yapko - Essentials of Hypnosis 2nd Edition

The amount of information that has changed since Michael wrote the 1st edition in 1995 is substantial.

Now, you will have updated information in the form of Essentials of Hypnosis, a condensed hypnosis book for the person who doesn’t want all the references and details, but just wants “the essentials.”

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If you already own Trancework (4th Ed), then you probably won’t want to purchase this new 2nd edition of Essentials of Hypnosis. It’s a condensed version of Trancework, for all those who don’t want to be weighed down with all the data and references included in Trancework. The book really strives to live up to its name, Essentials of Hypnosis.

“Learning the fundamentals of modern clinical hypnosis is as simple as reading this update to a classic text. Michael Yapko has a gifted ability to comprehensively present building blocks that will edify the novice and serve as important reminders for the experienced practitioner. Essentials of Hypnosis Second Edition is an essential primer of essential concepts. Dr. Yapko has done a great service by providing new, modern understandings in this new edition.” Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

“Only Michael Yapko could integrate all the complex facets of the world of hypnosis so completely in one volume. His knowledge is evident in every sentence, accurately selected with incisive precision and mindful creativity. This is a book every expert should have on his or her desk for quick and insightful reference and inspiration.”Consuelo C. Casula,, President of the European Society of Hypnosis

“Yapko is hypnosis. His accumulated knowledge, research, insights and experience are distilled in Essentials of Hypnosis: one easily readable and essentially practical volume. Curious or convinced, you owe it to you – and your clients – to read and apply this entrancing clinical wisdom.” George Burns, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne, Australia; Author, 101 Healing Stories and Happiness, Healing, Enhancement

“Michael Yapko is among a handful of the best writers and clinical practitioners of hypnosis in the world. With this volume he has somehow surpassed his series of previous books on hypnosis to provide his ultimate work to date. Based on strong theory and science, this remarkable achievement provides page after page of remarkable, practical, and deeply insightful advice about how to apply hypnosis clinically. Yapko’s writing is so compelling and easy to read, it might be easy to overlook that this work will be one of the most influential and innovative that has been produced on teaching even the most experienced clinicians to use this approach with their patients.”David R Patterson, PhD, ABPP; Author, Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control

“Whether beginning to learn Hypnosis or continuing and reviewing, refreshing and renewing, learning the essentials from Michael Yapko enriches and informs like no other. This volume not only continues to provide essential critical and foundational concepts and a framework with which to grow, but also provides ongoing nurturance with wise and thoughtful responses to old and new questions that arise while we help people help themselves.” Daniel P. Kohen, MD., FAAP, FASCH, ABMH, Co-Director, National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute; Director, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine & Community Health, University of Minnesota (Retired)

“Michael Yapko’s latest contribution to the hypnosis field succeeds as another “must have” for one’s resource library. This perfect primer distills Hypnosis to the exquisitely crisp essentials, without compromising any relevant topic. Easy-to-read and clear explanations offer all the basics for the novice. The numerous practical applications will also appeal to seasoned clinicians seeking to refresh or add additional approaches and strategies to their work with their clients. This revised guide is a great companion to his comprehensive text, Trancework.” —Pamela Kaiser, PhD, CPNP, Former Associate Clinical Professor, Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco, Medical School; Co-Founder and Co-Director, National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute

Dr. Yapko’s second edition is an important addition to every clinician’s bookshelf! Dr. Yapko reduces challenging concepts to their essential elements, inviting curiosity and reducing hypnosis to its essential elements. I heartily recommend this text for any medical or mental health clinician with an interest in hypnosis.” –Dan Handel, MD, Chief, Palliative Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center

Get Michael D. Yapko – Essentials of Hypnosis 2nd Edition download

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Michael D. Yapko – Essentials of Hypnosis 2nd Edition
Michael D. Yapko – Essentials of Hypnosis 2nd Edition

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $15.00.

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