marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus

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UPTO 70% marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus. Save more when investing in a _title_bai_viet_ course at NLPlib. The courses are always full of content, good quality and lifetime access.

marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus

marco paret - Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus


Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus® Online Master Training

The Holy Grail of hypnosis and personal development!
The most powerful and advanced MasterClass on mesmerism, fascination non verbal hypnosis. Immerse yourself in secret techniques : an Authentic Tradition updated with modern quantistic science. test modifica MARIO ORE 16 E TRENTA
Imagine being REALLY able to master any non-verbal hypnosis and mesmerism techniques. Even the most unknown and secret ones. Enter the secret.  The SECRET is within yourself. And now imagine using these techniques, for your well-being, and in real life to: manage a challenging period and rise after it, start or boost a business by charming people being the obvious best choice, enchant people with your ideas, hypnotize for healing, and most importantly manage your inner states and develop the force and the power in you beyond your imagination …
ow let’s take a look at everything you will get by becoming a Diamond or Diamond Plus member of my online training program.
  • You’ll learn our proven processes for growing yourself
  • You’ll work with me and my team in weekly live video calls and our private online community.
  • Every week for 8+4 weeks (depending as you have Diamond or Diamond plus ), you’ll get an in depth video training to watch.
  • You’ll get weekly assignments to complete on yourself that will help you move toward your goals
  • You’ll get the opportunity to receive personal, written plan about how to grow yourself based on all the principles you’ll learn in our Course (our course in reality is a Lab).
  • You’ll get access to a small community working through the same assignments with you for support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • The conversations are custom-tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Diamond level: 8 weekly interactive lessons about all basics and advanced protocols of Non-Verbal Hypnosis, fascination, Mesmerismus®. You will be able to immediately apply these techniques to heal and to work on yourself and others, perform hypnotic regressions, induce therapeutic catalepsy, therapeutic mesmeric crises, free people from fears, phobias, emotional blockages, traumas etc.
  • Diamond Plus Members will get 12 weekly lessons and a more deep experience that will permit you to get the real flair of our fundamental offline course including the rare techniques of Di Pisa, advanced fascination and also the first and second chambers of our Magnetic and Hermetic Path!

Get marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus download

  • Diamond Plus: 3 Online one to one lessons and training directly with Dr. Paret and/or his Trainers (Diamond Plus Members only).
  • BONUS you receive the mesmerismonline PLATINUM membership (original value 675 euros) : 30 original and exclusive video lessons to raise your magnetic charisma and healing power to the highest levels. You will find all the secrets you need to know to: resolve pain in yourself and others, rediscovering deep energy, Kundalini awakening, magnetic body awakening, perform enesthesia and analgesia, perform past lives regressions, third eye keys, decoding non verbal communication and much, much more…
  • Also part of the Platinum BONUS 19 pdf manuals about alchemical paths, hypnotic gaze, magnetism, higher knowledge and wisdom of secret schools. Most of these manuals are about ancient manuscripts believed to be lost.
  • And also also as part of the Platinum BONUS 35 e-books that will provide you with a practical and complete knowledge of topics regarding magnetism, mesmerism, personal power, mind control, clairvoyance techniques, healing through intervention on subtle bodies and much, much more …
  • International certification, legally valid, which gives you the opportunity to open a profitable business as holistic operator.
Most of these techniques are NOT available elsewhere!
Most importantly you learn here from the source.

Get marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus download

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Marco Paret - Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus

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marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus
marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus

Original price was: $1,015.00.Current price is: $142.00.

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