Laura Silva – Silva Mind Body Healing

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Laura Silva – Silva Mind Body Healing

Laura Silva – Silva Mind Body Healing

You Too Can Learn How to Activate Your Mind’s Natural Healing Mechanisms, and Start Improving Your Overall Health and Well-Being
It Began in a Small Town in Texas, and Has Spread Like Wildfire to Over 6 Million People in 110 Different Countries—And Now, It Has Reached You.
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Millions of people worldwide have found better health with the phenomenon known as mind-body healing. Like you, they know there’s more to holistic wellbeing than conventional medication and procedures. And like you, they know that their health should be in their hands.

The question is, how you can realize the full potential of your mind’s natural healing ability? How can you get consistent and lasting results, so you can start making profound changes to your wellbeing TODAY and for the rest of your life?

Liberating yourself from the ball and chain of expensive and unnecessary medical procedures and side effect-laden medication.

Having the perfect health and vitality to focus on your career, spend quality time with your friends and family, and indulge in your hobbies.

Waking up every morning free of the debilitating aches and pains that hold you back from the quality of life you deserve.

Overcoming the depression and negativity that often comes with illness, and instead replacing it with an unbreakable sense of positivity and motivation in your everyday life.

At The Silva Method, we believe your journey towards effective mind-body healing begins with a methodical step-by-step process—a system that trains you in all the fundamentals of mind empowerment, so that using your mind to influence physical healing becomes second nature.
A 3-Step Scientific Approach to Mind-Body Healing, Perfected Over 5 Decades.

Throughout his lifetime, the world-renowned mind empowerment pioneer Jose Silva believed that 90 percent of all illnesses are caused by the mind.

You’ve probably heard of this theory before—but are you aware of its implications?

If most illnesses are caused by the mind, it is extremely likely that most illnesses can be reversed by the mind too. This was Jose’s foundation for over 44 years of tireless research and experimentation.

By working with people who went through his training system, known as The Silva Method, he found he could help them manage and sometimes completely overcome a variety of health problems and symptoms while improving their overall health and wellbeing.

To demonstrate his breakthroughs to the public, Jose launched experiments that completely mystified people.
One Demonstration Left People Stunned

At a Silva Method class, Jose would begin by asking for a volunteer. In front of hundreds of people, he would guide this volunteer into the Alpha Level (I’ll tell you more about this shortly).

He would then proceed to hypnotize the volunteer, and tell him or her that the whiteboard market in his hand was in actual fact a red hot poker. Then, he would take that marker, press it against their hand, and inexplicably, to the audience’s complete shock…

A blister would form.

After this unexplainable event, Jose would tell the patient that he could heal the wound within seconds. He would proceed to put his hand on the wound, and, just like he said it would, the blister completely disappeared within seconds.

Take a second and imagine that—with nothing but the power of suggestion, Jose Silva could form a blister on someone, and make it disappear in the blink of an eye.
“We Can No Longer Pretend That the Patient’s Perceptions Don’t Matter.”
“We can no longer pretend that the patient’s perceptions don’t matter. And we can’t pretend that healing is something doctors do to a patient. Your mind is in every cell of your body.”
– David Felten
PhD, University of Rochester School of Medicine

The Silva Method’s Goal Is to Transform People’s Minds from a Trigger of Disease, to a Catalyst for Holistic Wellbeing.

We’ve been working towards this goal since 1967, collaborating with top scientists and researchers, and training over 6 million people worldwide with our method.

In this time, we’ve identified three essential pillars for effective mind-body healing:
We Train You to Function at the Alpha and Theta Levels of Mind.

Going to the Alpha and Theta levels have the same effect as meditating. When someone meditates, scientifically, they are simply reducing their brain wave frequency to Alpha or Theta.

Jose Silva found that people who can remain in the Alpha and Theta levels are able to put their mind and body in a state conducive to healing, where cells repair, stress dissipates, the immune system strengthens, and physical symptoms of illness are in some cases reduced.

Imagine being able to rewire yourself, without spending thousands of dollars on a professional hypnotherapist. What if you could more easily overcome unhealthy habits like smoking or snacking? What if you could change negative thought patterns to positive ones? And what if you could awaken your mind’s natural healing capacity, all by simply working with your own mind?

Alpha level training has today become commonplace in the personal growth industry, but The Silva Method takes it one step further with Theta level training. We have created a variety of guided meditations and techniques, such as the 3 Fingers Technique, that instantly guide you into both the Alpha level, and the deeper Theta level. These are designed to help you comfortably remain in these states for as long as necessary to achieve your intended goal.
We Help You Harness the Power of Healing Imagery.

Healing Imagery, also known as Visualization, involves visualizing the end result of your goal or desire while you are in the Alpha or Theta level of mind.

The concept of Creative Visualization has been around for decades. It gained renewed popularity in the 1970s when a Silva graduate by the name of Shakti Gawain wrote a best-selling book about it.

One of our most important rules for visualization is that it should be done in the present tense. For example if you’re looking to manage arthritis, you should visualize yourself free of arthritis, and feel the moment as if it is happening this instant and not some time in the future.

In other words, feel the sense of joy of being arthritis-free, rather than the sense of wanting or the sense of desire for it.

The Silva Method teaches a variety of advanced visualization techniques and exercises that are designed to be easily-induced yet immersive experiences that aid in facilitating and accelerating the mind’s natural healing process.
“A Deep Storehouse Of Knowledge And Wisdom” “One of the earliest workshops I took was the Silva Mind Control Course… The most important technique I learned in that course was the basic technique of creative visualization… Our rational mind is like a computer… The intuitive mind, on the other hand, seems to give access to an infinite supply of information. It appears to be able to tap into a deep storehouse of knowledge and wisdom”
– Shakti Gawain
Silva Graduate & Bestselling Author Of Creative Visualization

Get Laura Silva – Silva Mind Body Healing download

Master the D-B-E Thought Process.

In working with our students we have discovered that lasting success with any health-related goal—whether it’s to shake off a minor ailment or reduce the symptoms of a serious illness—can only happen when you condition your mind for 3 outcomes:

1. Develop a deep desire for your goal

2. Whole-heartedly believe that this goal is possible.

3. Fully expect this goal to happen.

We call this thought process Desire-Belief-Expectancy or D-B-E, and although it may sound simple on the surface, mastering it requires a significant level of control over your subconscious mind.

At the core of D-B-E is the placebo effect: the widely documented phenomenon in which a patient can trigger self-healing by the mere belief that they will be cured. The placebo effect can be so powerful that all modern drugs have to be tested against a placebo before they are released to the public.

In fact, many former treatments and drugs have been taken off the market when their healing properties were found to be solely due to the placebo effect.
Stunning Evidence for the Placebo Effect.

An example of the placebo effect’s effectiveness is demonstrated in the treatment of warts. In 1934, a physician conducted a double-blind study showing that placebos worked almost as well as sulpharsphenamine, the drug commonly used to treat warts at the time.

of patients given the actual medicine were cured

of patients given medicine — consisting of nothing more than distilled water —were also cured because they believed they’d been give the genuine formula
The placebo effect’s astonishing influence on surgery.
In the summer of 1994, a surgeon named J. Bruce Moseley had 10 patients scheduled for an operation intended to relieve the arthritis pain in their knees. All 10 were wheeled into the Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center, draped, examined and anesthetized. All 10 were then dispatched to the recovery room and sent home from the hospital by the next morning equipped with crutches and a painkiller. All 10 men believed they had just gone through a reliable medical surgery to cure them of their knee arthritis pain.

Dangerously, the opposite is also true: if you believe something is harmful to you, it tends to be. One study for example showed that 19 out of 40 subjects developed asthmatic symptoms after inhaling a saline solution they believed to be allergenic.

The Silva Method trains you to you access your subconscious, and readjust your D-B-E thought process for better alignment with your natural healing abilities. Crippling feelings of negativity and self-doubt are removed, while emotional consistencies are adjusted.

The result? Your beliefs start working for you instead of against you.
The Big Question: Can Your Mind Heal Someone Else’s Body?
The Single Most Powerful Tool
“You see, I began with the idea that a patient’s attitude played a role in his response to any form of treatment and this could influence the course of his disease, I found the (Silva) Mind Control concepts gave me a tool to use in teaching the patient how to begin the interaction and become involved with his own health process. I would say that it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer the patient.”
– Dr. O. Carl Simonton
Founder of the Simonton Research Institute, award winning specialist and imagery therapy for cancer pioneer

So far we’ve talked about how your mind can influence your own body. But at The Silva Method, we believe the mind’s natural healing ability can be extended to other people too—and even from a distance.

This concept is known as Remote Healing—and much evidence exists to support it.

Some of the most surprising evidence for Remote Healing comes from psychologist William Braud and his colleagues at The Mind Science Foundation of San Antonio, Texas. Braud’s studies, conducted over 17 years, involved having people mentally attempt to influence the nervous system of remote participants.

Typically, two groups of people were involved in Braud’s studies: the Receivers and the Senders.

Braud would begin by wiring up the Receivers to machines that measured up to seven different physiological responses such as blood pressure, skin conductivity and muscle tremor.

The second group of people, known as Senders, would be placed in a different room and asked to attempt to arouse or calm the Receiver solely by thinking about them. Both Senders and Receivers were ordinary people who had volunteered for the study.
Braud’s 37 Experiments Involved 665 Sessions, 449 People and 13 Researchers—and Suggested That Distance Healing Is Indeed Possible.

What Braud found was that at the exact moment the Sender was asked to think of their Receiver, the Receiver would show a change in his or her physiological condition.

The 37 experiments combined resulted in odds against chance of more than 100 trillion to one in favor of distant mental interactions between the participants.

In short, Braud’s study suggested that the ability of one person’s mind to affect another person’s body is scientific fact.
Mind-Body Healing Training from the Comfort of Your Home.

Until now, the only way to experience our mind-body healing training would be to attend one of our seminars periodically held across the United States and the rest of the world.

Seminars are an ideal way to learn, but to attend one you’d need to first buy a ticket (they sell out fast), book flights and accommodation, and free up an entire weekend.

Because our aim is to reach out to as many people as possible, we’ve developed an alternative learning method. A home training program that is equally as effective as a seminar, but miles more convenient and affordable.
The Silva Method’s Complete Curriculum for Effective Mind-Body Healing

Available EXCLUSIVELY on this site, the Silva Mind Body Healing home training program is a complete 11-part guide for anyone—from beginner to experienced mind-body healer—to awaken the full extent of the mind’s natural healing ability.

Silva Mind Body Healing takes you on a systematic journey through The Silva Method’s 3 pillars of mind-body healing. You’ll be trained on core concepts like Alpha and Theta Level meditations, Healing Imagery techniques, and exercises designed to program your subconscious mind in line with the Desire-Belief-Expectancy (D-B-E) thought process. Supporting topics like stress management and manifesting are also covered in detail.
In a nutshell, here’s what you’re getting:

The exact same optimized mind-body healing curriculum you’d get at one of our seminars. Every Guided Imagery exercise, every lesson, every technique—all presented in an easy-to-follow framework.

Immersive Alpha and Theta Level meditations, each with their own unique objective. Just sit back, relax and press play as our meditation technology reprograms your subconscious mind for profound and lasting results.

Powerful tips and guidance to help you get the most out of the program and make it a part of your daily routine, from Laura Silva (daughter of Jose Silva and President of Silva International) and a host of other veteran Silva trainers.
The Contents of This 11-Part Home Training Program Are as Follows:
An Introduction To Silva Mind Body Healing

Your holistic health journey begins. Get to grips with the fundamentals behind mind body healing with Laura Silva in this essential preparation guide.

You’ll begin with a structured 10-point checklist that explains The Silva Method’s approach to mind-body healing and will help you achieve maximum results.

Highlights include:

The Silva Mind Body Healing Cheat Sheet

The crucial steps to perfect health through healing your physical, mental and emotional self

Healing, The Silva Way

Discover our unique philosophy for healing, the fascinating history behind our method, and how to begin applying it in every aspect of your life for effective and lasting outcomes

The Power of Prevention

How one single step works against 90% of the world’s sicknesses, illnesses or diseases
Building Your Foundation For Healing

Now you know how it works, it’s time to start applying it! Here Laura’s explains the vital step of setting your intention with a clear foundation on how to manifest it.

We begin with getting you in the right frame of mind – focusing at the Alpha & Theta levels through meditation and image therapy.

Highlights include:

The HoloViewing Technique

Do you know what you really need to be focusing on? This essential visualization exercise helps you identify and focus on the health goals that will best serve you


What modern medicine has to say about mind body healing and what it could mean for your health costs
Liberation From Stress

Feel like you spend most of your days frantically juggling your career, chores, errands and kids? Here Laura will describe how getting sick is more than just a physical thing – it manifests in the mind.

Stress is the most common and dangerous of all – responsible for triggering 90% of preventable sicknesses. Here’s where you learn how to overcome it for good.

Highlights include:

The Three Fingers Technique

One of The Silva Method’s most popular techniques, this easily learned trigger mechanism allows you to enter the Alpha Level at will by bringing together your thumb and first two fingers. Perfect for when you want to instantly reduce stress or amplify your intuition

How To Become Impenetrable

Don’t let the loss of a job, death of a loved one or any snide comment start affecting your health
Healing Your Belief System

Do you truly, with all your heart and soul, believe you can be healthy? That you deserve to be well? Welcome to the hardest part of the program – actually convincing yourself that you can.

Your innermost subconscious beliefs determine your success with mind-body healing, and your living experience as a whole. Here you’ll learn to access your subconscious and release yourself from negative and limiting beliefs, conditioning the mind for healing.

Highlights include:

The ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ Exercise

An Alpha Level meditation that guides you into your subconscious so you can identify your negative beliefs, eliminate them, and replace them with positive ones

Getting The Very Best From Life

The truth behind your belief systems, and why you shouldn’t delay another day in looking after your wellbeing
Embracing Your Emotions

Happiness, frustration, gratitude, guilt – each one has an affect on your body for better or worse.

Your emotions play a surprisingly significant role in mind-body healing. Find out why sweeping your emotions aside can be hazardous to your health, and how acknowledging and embracing your emotions is everything.

Highlights include:

MORE Than Mind Body and Spirit

Why your missing one crucial element to your health that’s stopping you from feeling truly complete

The ‘Healing Past Traumas’ Exercise

An advanced Theta Level meditation that allows you to revisit key traumatic points in your life, and replace the associated negative emotions with new ones
Understanding The Holistic Healing Process

From beliefs to emotions to thoughts and EVERYTHING in-between – there are multiple components to mind-body healing, but learning how to get them all working in harmony is crucial to success.

Let Laura guide you through how to merge these components into the unified concept known as ‘holistic healing’.

Highlights include:

Dr. Joan McGillicuddy

Silva Graduate and Clinical Director of Helping Associates Inc., on the holistic healing process, the hidden blessing in disease, and the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that cause disease

The Dynamic Laws Of Living

How you can STOP letting stress from holding you back and get more of what you want in life as a result
Connecting To Your Spiritual Body

In this chapter, Laura will teach you how The Silva Method recognizes that you are made up of much more than just the mind and the body. It’s time to get familiar with your spiritual self.

The spirit may be an invisible and intangible element, but connecting directly to it can spark profound changes to your wellbeing.

Highlights include:

The Intuitive Healing Method

A technique for shifting your consciousness towards a healthy reality. Perfect if you struggle with feelings of hopelessness or negativity

The ‘Theta Twilight Theater’ Exercise

An advanced night time Theta Level meditation that allows you to focus on improving your spiritual wellbeing. Just sit back, relax and press play
Accessing Your Mental Body

Your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs – they are all born in your mind.

In fact everything you do is in some way influenced by your mental body. Here you will learn how you can condition your brain for maximum positive effect.

Highlights include:

The Intuitive Healing Method

A technique for shifting your consciousness towards a healthy reality. Perfect if you struggle with feelings of hopelessness or negativity

A Guided Imagery Training Session

Studies have shown that the act of visualizing your healing process, for example imagining the cracks in broken bones disappearing, or the clearing of artery blockages, can actually facilitate healing and strengthen the immune system
The Art Of Manifesting

No matter what your health-related goal is – whether it’s to get fit, overcome an illness or develop a healthier mind -the thought of that goal must come first.

Learn how to start aligning your thoughts with your desires for optimal health.

Highlights include:

Has Your Mind Been Pre-programmed For Ill Health?

How to upend negative thought patterns instilled by your parents, teachers or friends

The ‘Mental Body’ Exercise

An advanced Theta Night Time Sound meditation that empowers you to connect with your mental body, tap into its inherent manifesting abilities, and use it to enhance your wellbeing

Strengthening Your Physical Body

Everyone knows how important the physical body is, but are really doing what’s best for your body?

Here you’ll learn a number of important pointers for exercise, nutrition, understanding your body’s signals, and most importantly how to develop the discipline to put this knowledge to use in your everyday life.

Highlights include:

Dr. Ray Jimenez

Discussion on how to exercise and eat right, how to assess your current physical health, and the steps for detecting which parts of your body need attention

The 2 Scenes Technique for Energizing Water

Learn how to infuse the water you drink with a distinct intention, like getting rid of a headache or feeling more energetic
Healing Yourself On A Cellular Level

Time heals all wounds, but what if you could speed up time?

In this final chapter you will learn how mind body healing works on a cellular level, and what you can do to accelerate that process.

Highlights include:

The Cellular Influence Technique

This visualization technique awakens an incredible natural ability within you—the ability to influence your organs on a cellular level, so you can guide them away from disease and towards perfect health

Getting Help From Above

How to go beyond the confines of your self, and request a helping hand from the universal force known as God, higher intelligence or source energy
A Program Backed by Science & Research

Since 1944, we’ve collaborated with leading scientists, medical practitioners and personal growth leaders.

The first scientist to investigate the research of The Silva Method was Dr. J. Wilfred Hahn of the Mind Science Foundation in California, who went on to endorse our work. Since then, various research institutions, universities and scientists have studied and verified our research, including:

Many healthcare professionals have integrated the principles of The Silva Method into their healing regimens as a crucial component of effective mind-body healing.

Dr. O Carl Simonton, founder of the Simonton Research Institute, which practices and researches imagery therapy for patients, calls The Silva Method one of “the most powerful single tools that I have to offer patients.”

Professor Clancy D. McKenzie, founder of the American Mental Health Association, is also known to have used Silva techniques to aid his patients.

In 2010, Mark Robert Waldman, the world-famous neuroscientist and bestselling author of How God Changes Your Brain said…
“A Deep Storehouse Of Knowledge And Wisdom”
“Based on the newest findings from Harvard’s recent genetic study on the effects of relaxation, breathing awareness, and positive guided imagery, I feel confident that many of the methods, as taught by Silva International, can stimulate gene expression in the brain that are involved in reducing physical and psychological stress and boosting immune functioning.”

Mark further reports that researchers are noticing that the placebo effect is getting stronger; although the news media is giving this little attention.
– Mark Robert Waldman
Associate Fellow, Center for Spirituality and the Mind, University of Pennsylvania Adjunct Faculty, Executive MBA Program, Loyola Marymount University

Why Should You Choose the Silva Mind-Body Healing Home Training Program?

The cleanest, freshest water always comes from the source. And when it comes to unleashing the power of the human mind, The Silva Method is the source.

Under the guidance of our founder Jose Silva (the man credited with bringing modern meditation to the West), we have worked with countless scientists, psychologists, doctors and alternative healers, investing decades of research and millions of dollars into the workings of the human mind.

We have amassed a following of well over 6 million practitioners in 110 different countries, and have documented hundreds of thousands of success stories from users of our training process.

The meditations, exercises and techniques within Silva Mind-Body Healing cannot be found anywhere else. And even if someone tried to copy us, it would be nothing more than a watered-down version of the wisdom we have dedicated so much of our lives to.

We are the pioneers of various advanced Alpha and Theta level exercises, the Desire-Belief-Expectancy model, and countless other formulas and techniques designed to help our students awaken their natural healing abilities.

Nowhere else will you find this level of depth, effectiveness, empirical evidence, or the magnitude of scientific proof that each of our techniques carries.
Designed for busy people like you.

At this point you may be wondering just how much time you’d need to invest daily to use Silva Mind-Body Healing and get the results you want.

Some people are worried they might not have the time. Or that they’d spend so much time on healing, they’d end up neglecting the job, the chores, the kids. But don’t worry, because all you need is 10 minutes a day.

Spend a few minutes listening to the audios when you wake up, before you go to sleep, or whenever you can find a quick moment to yourself. Soon enough, the program will begin to rewire your mind, so that your mind heals your body on autopilot.

Having the time to do what you want is equally as important as being healthy, and that’s why we’ve designed Silva Mind Body Healing to be as unobtrusive as possible in your daily life. Another thing we firmly believe in is that…
Did You Know?
Silva’s work has influenced many world-renowned writers, doctors, sportsmen and success coaches. These include:

Laura Silva – President of Silva International
Dr. George DeSau – Psychologist & Silva Graduate
Dr. Ray Jimenez – Silva Graduate
Dr. Joan McGillicuddy – Silva Graduate & Clinical Director of Helping Associates Inc.
Isabel Silva – Remote Healing expert
Your health shouldn’t cost you your life.

Because home training programs are replicable content, we’re able to keep our costs low. So while you may pay $1,000 and upwards to attend one of our seminars (and much more for flights and hotels), you’re getting the exact same content and results with the Silva Mind-Body Healing home training program…

From as low as $197 for our digital option. No other mind-body healing system comes close to our affordability and quality of content.

To put our price into perspective for you, consider this:
Did you know that 50% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical bills?

When’s the last time you or someone you know had to shell out a small fortune (or sometimes their entire life savings) on medical treatment or medication…

Only to find that their quality of life doesn’t improve the way it should—or even gets worse?

When this happens, they slowly but surely resign themselves to their fate. They begin to see disease and suffering as just another part of life, and try their best to work with what they’ve got— even if it takes an entire lifetime’s worth of savings.
In fact, the average healthy American spends on average $5,000 per year on healthcare.

And if you’re sick, you can easily multiply that figure by 10, 20, 30, even 40 times over.

Now imagine that the Silva Mind-Body Healing program works just half as well as we say it will. What if, by studying our curriculum, you could save even just 10% on your annual medical bills? Think about how much money (and time) you’d save in the next 5, 10, 20 years.
Yes, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

“I have been utilizing the Silva System for about 2 weeks and have found it to be an effective method of concentrating my personal energy and focusing it on the the goals I want to accomplish. I have greater concentration, more focus and more positive energy than I had prior to the program. I have also noticed that there are more coincidences in my life with positive outcomes, I seem to be functioning in a harmonic flow rather than constantly running against the wind. This product has my complete endorsement, it is relatively inexpensive, can be accomplished by anyone in their spare time, yields immediate results.

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.”
– Dr. Edward F. Knab
Palm Springs, CA

Award-Winning Company Offers The Silva Method to Its Employees.

“By offering the Silva Method to (our) employees we provide an opportunity to experience for themselves the power of the mind… Experiencing the Silva techniques, rather than just hearing people talk about it, is very powerful. It’s like the difference between seeing a travelogue about the Grand Canyon and personally standing on the edge of it… Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do.”
– Robert Stiller
President and CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Forbes Magazine 2001 Entrepreneur of the Year.

How The Silva Method Helped Richard Bach Complete One of the Greatest Books of Our Generation.
“It was the weirdest experience of my life. I was walking along one night, worrying about the rent money when I heard this voice say ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’. But no one was there. I had absolutely no idea what it meant. When I went home, I suddenly had a visualization of a seagull flying along, and I began to write. I just put down what I saw. Mental discipline and creative visualization are what’s behind the power of The Silva Method.”
– Richard Bach
Best-selling author of publishing phenomenon ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’

Each Module Comes as Either a Lecture Track or an Alpha or Theta Level Meditation Exercise

The Lecture tracks are perfect for those in-between moments like when you’re jogging, driving, or sitting on the bus or train. Pop the tracks onto your iPod or CD player and take them wherever you go, or listen to them as you relax at home. Your choice.

The Alpha and Theta Level Meditation Exercises are immersive sessions that require complete concentration. You should listen to them in a seated comfortable position, because they’ll guide you into a blissfully deep state of mind. These sessions are as pleasurable as indulging in a nice hot bath or a full-body massage, so don’t be surprised when you start looking forward to them every day.

Certain tracks are designed to bring your mind to the Alpha or Theta Level, which makes them unsuitable while operating any form of machinery.

Listen in the car

While jogging

While meditating

Anytime you choose
There’s More! You’ll Also Get These Bonuses When You Order Mind Body Healing:
All Bonuses Are Accessible as Digital Downloads in Your Library
Holistic Healing With Laura Silva
Value: $97
Laura Answers Your Most Pressing Questions In This Exclusive 4-Part Teleseminar

Are you concerned about an issue that may not be covered in the course?

Don’t be. When you purchase Silva Mind Body Healing, you’ll be given access to a special page where you can ask me any health-related question you may have.

I’ll then personally select the most pressing questions, and answer them in 4 eye-opening teleseminars, which you will be given FREE access to.

It’s like having your own personal healing coach guide you through every step of your healing process, and this alone is worth more than the price of the course itself.

Silva’s entire depth of knowledge is yours for the taking. All you have to do is ask.
The Healing Touch With Isabel Silva
Value: $47
Learn The Truth About Healing In This Eye-Opening Conversation With Healing Icon Isabel Silva

My sister Isabel, a nurse anesthetist, is one of the most talented, powerful healers on the planet.

For over 30 years, she has personally helped tens of thousands of people improve their health.

In this rare, eye-opening audio, Isabel explains her methods and insights so that you too can take your healing powers to the next level.

The wisdom within this audio has never before been revealed to the public—and it could very well be the key you need.
Q&A Session with Laura Silva Quesada
Value: $47
Spend 20 minutes with Me As I Answer The Most Common Silva Mind Body Healing Questions.

Have More Questions? We’ve Got Answers! I really want you to get the most out of this program, since it is so powerful. A lot of material and new ideas and concepts are covered over this course.

I have seen so many lives transformed through this course and I am certain yours will be one of them.

In this audio I answer the most common SMBH questions so that you can use this program to start healing and start living the life of your design.

Get Laura Silva – Silva Mind Body Healing download

Laura Silva – Silva Mind Body Healing
Laura Silva – Silva Mind Body Healing

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