Julie Renee – Quantum Mind Training

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Julie Renee – Quantum Mind Training

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Item 1: Quantum Mind Training

Transform to Your Best Self with the Four Golden Pillars of the Quantum Mind

  • Dismiss your troubling patterns
  • Re-program your past
  • Accept your greatest potential

Join the Quantum Mind revolution and tap into the Divine resources that you were born with! Master your Quantum Mind by restoring the Four Golden Pillars Of Human Mastery: Vitality, Abundance, Emotional Freedom and Full Self Expression.

Item 2: Brilliant Brain

Get Your Brain Back and Get Your Anti-Aging Gland Working Better Than Ever

  • How important is a clear and vibrant brain in a miraculous life you manifest? Extremely Important! Absolutely Essential!
  • How would you like to get your brain function back up to par?
  • Or maybe you want to go further and improve your intelligence?
  • What about your sleep? Would you like to have deeper or longer sleep cycles? Maybe you’d really love to reverse aging.

Regeneration of all of the various parts of your brain is vital to your extraordinary life. You can get your thinking center and sleep functions back on track, while you turn on the anti-aging mechanisms of your endocrine system! Overcome anxiety and relieve stress as you step into more joyful living.

We will put the spring back in your step by opening the secret door to energetically clearing the glands of your brain. The lesson on track 2 will give you astonishing information which will change how you look at your brain functions and its components.

As we get your brain working really, really well with great joy, ease and enthusiasm, you will discover the infinite possibilities that lie within.

The Brilliant Brain

  • Training- The Brilliant Brain, Clearing the Glands
  • Meditation- The Brilliant Brain
  • Also included: NO Music Version Meditation – The Brilliant Brain

Item 3: Quantum Healing Secrets Ebook

Your Quantum Healing Secrets for More Energy, Vitality, and Momentum.

The Quantum healing shifts you are moving towards are not about luck: it’s really about Science. Sure everyone is different but the same laws of success always apply. You reap what you sow; you can’t get out of life what you are not willing to put into it. If you want more love, give more love. If you want greater success help others achieve more. And when you study and master the science of Quantum regeneration and achievement, you will find the success you desire.

You’re at the beginning of an amazing reboot and are resetting your health and vitality to build a body and a mindset for unlimited possibility. Understand that your decisions shape your destiny.

The future is what you make of it. Every day of your life, the little decisions will either take you to the life you desire, or to places you don’t want to be. In fact it is thelittlest decisions that shape your life.

Since meditation is an important aspect of this program I am including details on how to succeed with mediation first. You’ll find this in the introduction of Your Quantum Healing Secrets book: ‘Simple Steps to Meditation Success’,and a meditation ‘I am Safe’.

Item 4: DNA Stem Cell Regeneration (meditation)

Learn to remove harmful DNA and how to regenerate cells with this detailed and powerful training meditation.

Bonus 1: Decide, Commit, Take Action, Succeed

Explore your gifts and activate your wealth magnetism in this miraculous world with Law of Attraction meditation.

The process of meditating daily delivers the opportunity to consciously decide what you are creating, cleaning out all the thoughts that have undermined you are cleared away as you are more fully self expressed.

Become consciously in charge of creating your future. Learn how to meditate properly for wealth using laws of success principles with wealth meditation for generating wealth with a profound clearing of energy. Feel excited and positive and fall back in love with your unique self. Special wealth mantra included!

  • Decide, commit, take action and succeed.
  • Do you want to think big and open up to your biggest self?
  • Are you ready to take on your biggest dreams and transform them into your miraculous reality?

In this section we will explore the wonderful process of practical living in a miraculous world. The structure of embracing your journey of unlimited riches in all areas of life unfolds when you need to decide what you are up to, commit to seeing it through, take action in fulfilling your heart’s desire and live into your success.

Here’s how!

  • Decide, Commit, Take Action, Succeed
  • Meditation- Your Ten Talents
  • Mantra: Om Gum Rena Machena

Bonus 2: Gratitude Audio

Inspired by Indian classical and crossed into the Irish harp, Gratitude delightfully reveals the pleasures of the Indian classical music with a gentle western voice.

Unique to this collection are the extraordinary ragas. Each piece is composed with unique scales, including notes not used in western music. One might even think the singer is off key, or singing flat occasionally, but if you listen closely, you might notice this is done intentionally.

Known by children everywhere as ‘the angel music,’ a delight to the ears and the heart this extraordinary piece of work shows the skill of integrating two completely unique styles of music into one well designed grouping.

Original arrangements and compositions with grateful acknowledgment to teachers Ali Akbar Khan ~ Master Sarod Player, and Ustad Dilshad Hussain Khan Master Violinist.

Recorded in the Little Buddha Studio, San Rafael CA

Bonus 3:

Are you the person everyone values and admires? The one that always seems to have it ‘together’? Do you, underneath it all, feel there is something missing in your life? If you answered ‘yes’, then this book was written for you!

Truth be told, you can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t feel balanced and content with your life, the money in your bank accounts means nothing.

While I have worked with many successful entrepreneurs who have the money side of things handled, many of them were unhappy in their relationships and everything revolved around work.

Wouldn’t you like to be more available to enjoy the fruits of your success? It’s time you regain your balance so you can become 100% reassured with your life!

Balance Your Life Now includes a bonus video and bonus balance wheel diagram so you can jump start your life today!

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Julie Renee – Quantum Mind Training
Julie Renee – Quantum Mind Training

Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $35.00.

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