Jonathan Royle – Ultimate Hypnosis

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Jonathan Royle – Ultimate Hypnosis

Jonathan Royle - Ultimate Hypnosis


Hypnotic History was made on Saturday 31st March & Sunday 1st April 2007 in Keighley (West Yorkshire) as privileged delegates witnessed Dr. Jonathan Royle’s Hypnotic Training Seminar

Most astonishing were the mind blowing SECRET’S he was prepared to both demonstrate and reveal to those present who were to say the least dumfounded and flabbergasted at many of the things they learned and witnessed during this unique weekend event.

Fortunately,the entire seminar was filmed on professional broadcast quality camera’s and is now being released on a Strictly Limited Edition Basis as a Mind Blowing Ten DVD Home Study Course containing powerful secrets, ploys and techniques quite unlike anything you will have ever seen, read or learned before!

The contents on this Ten DVD Advanced Training Course are totally unique and different from anything Royle has ever released before, in fact you’ll be amazed as you watch, witness and learn in the comfort of your own home the true, tried, tested and proven to work Advanced Esoteric Secret’s of the Master Hypnotists, including many which have been jealously guarded and hidden, until now by the select few…

Amongst the numerous life changing techniques you will witness and learn are:

Discover The Secret’s of The Ultimate Hand Shake INSTANT INDUCTION. Witness Royle gently shake a persons hand and then let go of their hand as the person falls to the floor like a sack of spuds and instantly enters a Deep Sonabulistic Trance State! YOU’LL NEVER LEARN AN INDUCTION THIS FAST ANYWHERE ELSE!

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Learn the truth about Rapid Eye Movements (REM) – How to obtain them with ease and how to use them to your advantage in therapy and on stage.

You’ll find out how to make genuine chemical changes occur in the client’s brain, how to do this safely and in a manner beneficial to both you and your clients.

Exposed for the first time, Royle Reveals the true approach he uses when conducting his one session treatment approach of Complete Mind Therapy – you may have studied Royle’s CMT before and thought you knew it all, but boy this added secret is worth its weight in gold and will sky rocket your success rates and effectiveness into orbit!

Witness Royle perform “Psychic Surgery” and literally reach into his clients head, grab hold of their problem and then throw it away with the client confirming that they now feel oh so much better! Yes it may sound like Science Fiction but this really happened and you will learn how on these DVDS!

Discover how Royle uses techniques of “Spiritual Healing” to help his clients and even to be a more powerful Stage Hypnotist. You’ll witness several miraculous looking demonstrations which prove these unique techniques work and of course will learn everything you’ll ever need to know to start using them yourself!

Witness Rapid Regression being used on a volunteer in order to help them change their life with ease! – The whole treatment session from start to finish taking only around 10 minutes!

Be Amazed as you witness and discover the fastest induction methods you’ll ever learn for use both in Therapy, on Stage and in everyday life!

Royle reveals the truth about Covert Hypnosis both of a verbal and non verbal manner enabling you to become a far more powerful Hypnotist.

For the first time Royle teaches you his “Real World” effective usage of NLP techniques including anchoring, pacing & leading, mirroring and matching, embedded commands, sub vocal commands, use of metaphors and magic stories and well… just about everything taught in NLP that is of use in the real world of Therapy & Stage Work!


You’ll witness Royle cure people’s phobias, eliminate problems with ease and erase deep rooted emotional problems all in treatment sessions lasting between around 5 to 12 minutes maximum, all of which get amazing results and then your taught in a simple step by step manner how Royle achieved these astonishing rapid results and how you can do the same in your work!

Learn the true secrets of Future Pacing, Disassociation, Positive Visualisation and numerous other NLP and Ericksonian style Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques to a level far in excess of anything Royle has ever taught on any of his other seminars or DVD Sets!

Bear witness to a genius at work as you learn the real world way to use pattern interrupts in your work both in therapy and on stage as a treatment method and also as an INSTANT INDUCTION method which works!

You’ll also be taught several other slow, rapid & even instant induction techniques which can be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere both in therapy and on stage.

As a bonus Royle also reveals HIS TRUE SECRET’S of Stage Hypnosis and teaches you absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know from A thru to Z enabling you to become a confident, competent and above all safe Comedy Stage Hypnotist or to use these skills to make massive profits from Group Therapy Treatment Sessions.

Discover the secret’s of and the power of using “Non Verbal Verbals” – you may not of heard of them before, but on this DVD set you’ll see them being used and see exactly how effective they are.

And of course you will learn countless other secrets, ploys, techniques and methods of the Master Hypnotists which have never been taught before by Royle and in many cases have never been revealed or taught in any other book, course, seminar or DVD anywhere in the world – YES THIS COURSE IS TRULY EXCLUSIVE & UNIQUE

Order today to secure your copy of this revealing home study Ten Disc DVD course and you will also learn ROYLE’S MOST POWERFUL SECRET as follows at no extra charge!



Dear Hypnotic Truth Seeker,

Amazingly Royle made a truly life changing confession to the privileged few who had attended his Hypnotic Training event…

There were audible gasps of shock as Royle revealed that Hypnosis DOES TRULY EXIST and that apparent MIRACLES can be worked using the true hidden secret’s of Hypnosis!

These Secrets were, until recently hidden in history and trace back to Mesmer himself, The Native American Indian’s and other Spiritual Healing Systems…

Those who attended this Mind Blowing Event witnessed first hand with their own eyes the following MIRACLE:
Without using any stooges, verbal or non verbal cueing methods or devices, without using post hypnotic suggestions or indeed any conventional hypnotic techniques Dr. Jonathan Royle picked a volunteer at random from his crowd and merely asked this person to stand facing the wall in front of them so that their back was turned on Royle himself.

It’s important to note that both the volunteer and audience had absolutely no idea whatsoever of what Royle was about to demonstrate and as such the usual idea of expectation also was ruled out…

Royle took several steps back until he was standing about 10 feet away from his volunteer, he remained silent and then placed his arm out with his hand pointing towards the volunteers back as he visually seemed to enter a trance of his own…

Suddenly and without any warning of any kind Royle clenched his fist and pulled his hand back towards himself and at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME the volunteer who was until then standing upright with his back to Royle FELL BACKWARDS TO THE FLOOR unable to remain standing as Royle had pulled him over using PSYCHIC ENERGY & INTENT ALONE.

Yes, you may have seen the TV’s Mind Control Expert doing something that looked the same on his Channel Four Show, however Royle did not use suggestion, conventional hypnosis or magical trickery of any kind to achieve this seeming miracle, and to prove his point repeated the process several times on demand over this unique training weekend…

Now for the first time ever this MOST POWERFUL SECRET is being released as a Strictly Limited Edition Home Study Training DVD.

You’ll see Royle demonstrate his “ENERGY SURG-ERY” and you’ll learn the true, tried, tested and proven to work secret’s of one of the most powerful Hypnotists who ever lived, enabling you to become the best Hypnotist & Healer you could ever become.

You’ll hear confirmation from the volunteer used in Royle’s demonstration of “Energy Surg-ery” that everything occurred exactly as you’ll see it on DVD, which is exactly how the delegates at this event saw it live in the room much to their shock and amazement.

Best of all Royle not only teaches you EXACTLY how he achieved this MIRACLE, but more importantly and valuable to you, he then explains how to use this same technique to become The Worlds Greatest Hypnotherapist, Healer or even Stage Hypnotist.

Yes, these SECRET’S truly are that powerful. It may all sound a little like Science Fiction when you read it here, but see this with your own eyes, discover the SECRET’S that have remained hidden for years and then you will truly realise the missing link which, until now has stopped you becoming as powerful as you can and will be when you put this DVD’s contents to use both in your work and everyday life!

The Official Release price of this Amazing Training DVD will be £47 and to be honest even at that price its way too cheap as its contents are truly dynamite, unique and unlike anything you have ever seen before, however order today and you get all these secrets FREE as part of this TEN DVD COURSE.

Incidentally you’ll also witness Royle performing rapid and instant induction’s on other audience members and witness why, Royle is regarded by many as The True King of Hypnotists.

Be warned, this DVD, like the other nine DVDS in this Unique Home Study Course, is totally unlike anything that Royle has ever written, recorded, taught or released in any manner before and watching it is likely to BLOW YOUR MIND as you realise in True X-Files style that the truth  really is on these DVD’S!


This Course is mind blowing, life changing and explosive in content, detail and its revelations of secrets which have been jealously guarded for years, now Royle has lifted the lid and finally told the real truth about HYPNOSIS!

You could pay many thousands of pounds for other inferior courses which would not teach you even a fraction of what this course covers and we can guarantee you that whatever previous training or experience you have in hypnosis YOU WILL LEARN MANY NEW THINGS from this course which will change the way you work and think forever!

Get Jonathan Royle – Ultimate Hypnosis download

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Jonathan Royle – Ultimate Hypnosis
Jonathan Royle – Ultimate Hypnosis

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $42.00.

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