John Overdurf – Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training

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UPTO 70% John Overdurf – Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training. Save more when investing in a _title_bai_viet_ course at NLPlib. The courses are always full of content, good quality and lifetime access.

John Overdurf & Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training

John Overdurf & Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training

Get John Overdurf – Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training  at the NLPlib

John Overdurf & Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training
Full-length Practitioner Training recorded live ‘Down Under”.   Professionally edited and mastered. Includes the latest information in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Alignment Therapy™.

This is a full length NLP Practitioner Training on MP3 format.

The NLP Practitioner Intensive is for the busy professional who wants the newest streamlined coaching practitioner training developed and taught by a recognized leader in the NLP and Coaching fields.

f you are new to NLP or you are already an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner you’ll benefit from the strong emphasis on how to conversationally coach the unconscious mind.
The Practitioner course is designed for Developing People in coaching, training, teaching, counselling, consulting, therapy, instruction, management and leadership.


01 Introduction to NLP.mp3

02 NLP Defined.mp3

03 Linguistics Discussion.mp3

04 Intelligence and Potential.mp3

05 Conscious and Unconscious Defined.mp3

06 Conscious and Unconscious Defined (continued).mp3

07 NLP Communication Model.mp3

08 Loops and Trance Induction.mp3

09 Sensory Acuity.mp3

10 Sensory Acuity (continued).mp3

11 Visual Acuity Demonstration.mp3

12 Like – Like Less  Demonstration.mp3

13 Like – Like Less Exercise.mp3

14 Visual Acuity Exercise.mp3

15 NLP Presuppositions.mp3

16 Creating Excellence.mp3

17 Eye Acessing.mp3

18 Eye Accessing (continued).mp3

19 Lead System.mp3

20 Trans-Derivational Search.mp3

21 Eye Accessing Demonstration.mp3

22 Synesthesia Defined.mp3

23 Eye Accessing Discussion.mp3

24 Auditory Acuity.mp3

25 Auditory Acuity Demonstration.mp3

26 Auditory Acuity Exercise.mp3

27 Introduction to Rapport.mp3

28 Introduction to Rapport (continued).mp3

29 Pacing and Leading.mp3

30 Inductive – Deductive Teaching.mp3

31 Open Loops with Lindy.mp3

32 Rapport in Depth.mp3

33 Rapport in Depth (continued).mp3

34 Breaking Rapport.mp3

35 Rapport Exercise.mp3

36 Pacing and Leading Exercise.mp3

37 Pacing and Leading Trance.mp3

38 Closing Loops with Lindy.mp3

39 Unconscious Rapport using Representational Systems.mp3

40 Predicates.mp3

41 Predicate Exercise.mp3

42 Predicate Discussion.mp3

43 Matching _ Mismatching Predicates Exercise.mp3

44 Congruency.mp3

45 Representational Systems Characteristics P. 11.mp3

46 Detecting Representational Systems Through Physiology And.mp3

47 Overlap Exercise.mp3

48 Translation Exercise.mp3

49 Hypnotic Language.mp3

50 Linguistic Presuppositions.mp3

51 Presuppositions And Mindreads.mp3

52 Presuppositins and Mind Reads Discussion.mp3

53 Milton Model.mp3

54 Milton Model (continued).mp3

55 Milton Model Trance Induction Part 1.mp3

56 Milton Model Exercise Part 1.mp3

57 Milton Model Trance Induction Part 2.mp3

58 Milton Model Exercise Part 2.mp3

59 Milton Model Induction and Exercise Part 3.mp3

60 Hypnotic Circle Exercise.mp3

61 The Learning State.mp3

62 Meta Model Big Picture.mp3

63 Meta Model Big Picture (continued).mp3

64 Meta Model p. 29.mp3

65 Key Words for Meta Model.mp3

66 Meta Model Discussion (continued).mp3

Get John Overdurf – Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training  at the NLPlib

67 Outcomes.mp3

68 Outcome Questions p. 16.mp3

69 Outcome Exercise and Discussions.mp3

70 Outcome Exercise #2 and Discussion.mp3

71 Context Stimulus State and Behavior.mp3

72 Outcome Questions Revised.mp3

73 Cartesian Coordinates.mp3

74 Discussion of Outcomes and Resource States.mp3

75 Anchoring Defined.mp3

76 Four Keys to Anchoring.mp3

77 Steps for Collapsing Anchors.mp3

78 Establishing a Kinesthetic Anchor p. 47.mp3

79 Anchoring Question and Answer.mp3

80 Strategies.mp3

81 Strategies Defined.mp3

82 Synesthesias.mp3

83 Eye Accessing Exercise to set-up Strategy Elicitation.mp3

84 One-Step Strategy Elicitation p. 35.1.mp3

85 Strategy Elicitation.mp3

86 TOTE Model.mp3

87 Car Buying Demonstration.mp3

88 TOTE Model (continued).mp3

89 Strategy Elicitation Demonstration.mp3

90 Strategy Elicitation Exercise.mp3

91 Review of Motivation Strategies p. 37-38.mp3

92 Structural Wellformedness Conditions for Strategies.mp3

93 Strategy Utilization.mp3

94 Spelling Strategies.mp3

95 Submodalities Trance Induction.mp3

96 Introduction to Submodalities.mp3

97 Drivers and Submodalities.mp3

98 Submodalities List p.18.mp3

99 Submodalities (continued).mp3

100 Contrastive Analysis.mp3

101 Map Across.mp3

102 Map Across Demonstration.mp3

103 Map Across Exercise.mp3

104 Belief Change.mp3

105 Belief Change Demonstration.mp3

106 Belief Change Demonstration (continued).mp3

107 Belief Change Exercise and Discussion.mp3

108 Review of Techniques.mp3

109 Swish.mp3

110 Swish Demonstration.mp3

111 Swish Exercise and Discussion.mp3

112 Chaining Anchors Set-Up.mp3

113 Chain Design.mp3

114 Chain Design Exercise and Discussion.mp3

115 Chaining Anchors Discussion.mp3

116 Closing Loops.mp3

117 Reframing.mp3

118 Context and Meaning Reframes.mp3

119 Context and Meaning Reframes and Examples.mp3

120 Reframing Exercise and Discussion.mp3

121 V-K Dissociation p. 52.mp3

122 Steps to V-K Dissociation p. 52.mp3

123 V-K Dissociation Demonstration and Discussion.mp3

124 Phobia Model p. 21.mp3

125 V-K Dissociation Exercise and Discussion.mp3

126 Ecology.mp3

127 Parts Integrtion.mp3

128 Six-Step Reframe Revised.mp3

129 Six-Step Reframe Revised with Demonstration and Discussi.mp3

130 Recovery Strategy.mp3

131 Visual Squash.mp3

132 Visual Squash Exercise and Discussion.mp3

133 NLP Model of Therapy p. 88.mp3

134 Changework Techniques and Tips When to Use Them.mp3

135 Closing Loops 2.mp3

136 Learning Ladder.mp3

137 Alignment Therapy.mp3

138 Steps for Alignment Therapy.mp3

139 Big Picture Emotional Healing Outline.mp3

140 Alignment Therapy Demonstration and Discussion.mp3

141 Alignment Therapy Demonstration and Discussion (continue.mp3

142 Metaphor and Closing of the Training.mp3


Get John Overdurf – Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training  at the NLPlib

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John Overdurf – Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training
John Overdurf – Julie Silverthorn – NLP Practitioner Training

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $34.00.

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