Ed Dames – Psi Tech – Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course

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Ed Dames – Psi Tech – Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course

 Ed Dames - Psi Tech - Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course

As Operations and Training Officer for the military’s psychic intelligence unit, Major Dames was intimately involved in the development and use of this remarkable technology to support critical classified military operations. In 1989, he founded PSI TECH, Incorporated, and along with PSI TECH’s current president, Jonina Dourif, began applying these powerful, originally TOP SECRET techniques, in the civilian sector.

Until now, training in Technical Remote Viewing® was offered by PSI TECH to only 30 people per year. The tuition for this course was $4500.00. Trainees were required to come to Los Angeles for 10 consecutive days, to learn TRV®.

Get Ed Dames – Psi Tech – Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course download

PSI TECH is proud to announce that, after 15 years of training and research, we have developed a method by which you can successfully learn the skill of Technical Remote Viewing®, at your own pace in the privacy of your own home – at a mere fraction of what it would cost for on-site training.

Technical Remote Viewing is an ingenious set of standardized procedures undertaken by trained individuals, using only a pen and paper – and one’s mind – to gather accurate information about people, places, things and events in the past, present, or future.

All people possess innate PSI abilities, but precision psychic skills, like language, must be learned. Under the scrutiny of renown scientists, Technical Remote Viewing® has proven itself as the ultimate mind tool. In fact, those who learn TRV® are more consistently accurate than even the best-untrained psychics! PSI TECH’s instructional video tapes will provide you with rigorous, step by step instruction in TRV®.

Produced by Jonina Dourif and directed by Academy Award® nominee William Gazecki, the TRV® training course has proven its effectiveness in a number of learning environments, and has been designed for adults of all ages.


A reader from U.S.A. , December 1, 1998 The Best Training Available These tapes introduce you to Technical Remote Viewing. It is very professional and teaches you to remote view for yourself. The skills that I learned from this tape convinced me that remote viewing is real. Remote Viewing will teach you things about the world and yourself that will amaze you. Everyone should learn this skill…you’ll never see the world in quite the same way.
A reader from Las Vegas, Nevada December 1, 1998 Helped teach me how to launch my psychic abilities Module 1 quickly teaches that all of us have psychic abilities. The in classroom style gives step by step instructions allowing one to do an actual TRV session. Within 5 sessions I was convinced it works and needed to be investigated further. Module 2 is a lengthy instruction that gets in depth as to what’s happening inside you when you are “locked on” your target. You’ll need a high 5 after your first couple of “hits” because the excitement is real and the real truth is there.
A reader from Tombstone, New Mexico, December 1, 1998 Finally!! Finally somebody made a Remote Viewing home study course! I was too far away to get trained personally, and I didn’t want to spend the thousands of dollars that it took to get trained in person so I learned how to RV using the Psi-Tech tapes. The tapes are jam packed with valuable information. The bottom line is I learned how to remote view! It’s not like astral projection or anything else, you are alert and in control the whole time. TRV changed my life, and it changed the way I look at the world (so to speak!)
[email protected] from Los Angeles, USA November 30, 1998


A Highly Fascinating Skill When I first got this tape (and subsequently the second part) I didn’t think I would actually be able to learn to remote view and utilize real psychic functioning, but after a while and some hard work I keep finding myself truly amazed and sometimes really freaked out at how effective these tapes are and how well they can teach you to remote view. While they do require some effort to learn, they are extraordinarily superb at what they do and by far the most professional and complete set I’ve seen. Very recommended.
A reader from Canada, November 7, 1998 From Skeptic to Believer! I was a skeptic until a family member purchased the tapes. I decided I would give it two weeks to apply myself and see if it actually worked. The more I practiced, the more amazed I became. I have been Remote Viewing now for over a year and have used it for practical tasks in every day life. It is one of the best problem solving tools around. Your mind has access to so much more if properly taught. Psi-Tech has done an excellent job at making it easy to follow and learn this step by step. The background music is great and I always have the tapes to review if I need a refresher. Needless to say I am glad I challenged myself, as I have opened a door to a new way of looking at life and have acquired a useful skill.
Ted Murphy ([email protected]) from Chicago, November 7, 1998 Incredible life changing skill. Highly recommended. I had heard about remote viewing for years but the training was always too expensive and I thought that I would never be able to learn it. So when PSI TECH released these home training modules I was very excited about the possibility of learning at home. It’s a lot of work – lots of time and practice go into it, it’s a skill after all, but once you see the results it changes your entire view of the world when you realize you can know virtually ANYTHING anywhere in time and space. Module 2 is the real meat of the course though, but Module 1 shows you that it works and teaches you the basic skills that are needed before you can continue on with higher training. And tech support is provided at their web site. — Publisher Comments

About the Actor

In Washington D.C., in 1984, Mr. Dames and his team applied their remote viewing abilities to the toughest national intelligence problems, such as locating and tracking international terrorists and their hostages.

For his work, Mr. Dames was awarded two Army Meritorious Service Medals and the Legion of Merit. Additionally, he was personally credited by the Defense Intelligence Agency with penetrating the Soviet Defense Council. In that agency’s words, “a singularly profound act.” Over the years, the remote viewing information that he collected continued to be secretly used by numerous government agencies, and by all branches of the military.

As a result of turnover in the ranks of top Army intelligence leadership during the late 1980’s, “channelers” and psychic charlatans were recruited to co-mingle with the trained professionals in the unit. Rather than being forced to witness the disintegration of his unit’s effectiveness and the loss of remote viewing technology, Major Dames retired from the U.S. Army, taking the original team’s best and brightest with him to form his California based company, PSI TECH.


Currently, PSI TECH’s clients range from the leaders of Fortune 500 corporations, to academics in science, medicine and law, as well as select individuals from the private sector who undergo the firm’s specialized training. Since 1993, when Mr. Dames and PSI TECH’s President, Jonina Dourif began teaching these incredible skills, they perfected remote viewing methods and training techniques, and developed the TRV® Video Training Course – a method by which anyone can successfully learn this skill in the privacy of their own home.

Get Ed Dames – Psi Tech – Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course download

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Ed Dames – Psi Tech – Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course
Ed Dames – Psi Tech – Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course

Original price was: $449.00.Current price is: $62.00.

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