Betsy Polatin – Humanual Basics

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Betsy Polatin – Humanual Basics

Betsy Polatin - Humanual Basics

Each of us has an everyday self that we usually identify with. But what if there is more to us than meets the eye? What if there is an expanded version of our self that includes not only the habitual patterns, the lost parts, and the innate organization but also a connection to the grand, scintillating space of the universe and the possibilities it offers us?

This workshop will offer each individual an opportunity to be with the thought and movement patterns that run our lives and show up in our body, mind, and spirit.

Many of our habitual behaviors are so familiar that we hardly notice them. But we may notice that we are not thriving in the way we would like. We may have lost our connection to each other, the planet, ourselves, and our bodies, causing distress and discomfort. But in actuality, we have a wealth of inner resources that we can learn to activate and use to our advantage to access health and well-being.

We will learn:

Get Betsy Polatin – Humanual Basics download

  • The HUMANUAL version of support, suspension, and breath
  • How trauma and overwhelm can interfere with a sense of well-being and full expression of our life force.

You will receive:

  • Recordings of two 2-hour sessions with Betsy to watch at your convenience
  • Downloadable audio recordings
  • See Betsy work with individuals (recorded) to demonstrate the principles.

Module 1

We explore:

How to become aware of habitual thought and movement patterns that prevent you from embodying your full sense of Self in body, mind, and spirit.
How to awaken your inherent potential by finding the support from the ground that can lead to full stature and expansion, while noting how trauma and overwhelm can interfere with this process.

Module 2

We explore:

How to breathe to full capacity, with maximum efficiency and minimal effort, according to our inherent design, which fully oxygenates your system to feel more awake and alive in the present moment.
How to cope with and resolve overwhelming experiences, and handle stress that can hinder enjoyment of a rich, positive experience of life.

Get Betsy Polatin – Humanual Basics download

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Betsy Polatin – Humanual Basics
Betsy Polatin – Humanual Basics

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $14.00.

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