Bashar – The Future of The Past

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Bashar - The Future of The Past

Bashar – The Future of The Past

Bashar guides us through the process of transforming our personal and collective past into a history that is supportive of ET contact.

Session Date: September 10, 2016
Location: Sedona, AZ
Session Length: 3.5 hours

Q&A includes:

Why do some of us humans insist on holding on to painful memories from the past?
What is the nature and purpose of bacteria and parasites?
I have dreams that I am part of the hybridization program. Is this confirmation that I am part of it?
What causes sleep paralysis?
Does our government use reverse engineering on ET ships?
I started seeing images on photos that I took on my phone that I didn’t see with my eyes. Is that a parallel reality?
What is the relationship of Nibiru with us? Will it happen to us soon?
How would you know if you have ever been abducted? What’s an indicator?
I had a few experiences where I think I died or should have died. Did I?
Can you give any info on Edgar Cayce’s Radiac? I use this, so is it why I am having these supernatural experiences?
What are the qualities of the Anunuaki that the humans have and how does this relate to our ability to do genetic manipulation?
Do you have any follow-ups on the updates for the Fall of 2016?
Can you talk about the economic adjustment? Are we still on track?
As a single mother with a 3-year-old daughter, I very often feel extremely exhausted. How can I help both of us?
What is fear and what causes it?
Is the Earth hollow?
You always say “This is the idea that” instead of “This is that.” Why?
When you talked about accessing the template reality through lucid dreams, can you give me more specifics about how I can enter that state?
How close is your ship to the area right now?
How will The 13 Skulls impact us in the future?
What’s the purpose of royalty among the stars, as the Anunaki have been referred to?
Before open contact occurs, will there be issues in the US with coastal waters rising?
Can you confirm that my physical projection involves a walk-in? What is the origin of the shift?
Why do I always push away joy and love in my life?

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Includes a Guided Meditation by Bashar (no Holotope)


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Bashar – The Future of The Past
Bashar – The Future of The Past

Original price was: $24.95.Current price is: $10.00.

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