Bashar – The Five Forms of Abundance

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Bashar – The Five Forms of Abundance

Bashar - The Five Forms of Abundance


Bashar explains the main metaphysical principles that form the framework of physical reality and shares how to use them to manifest a more abundant, positive & creative life.

Session Date: March 30, 2019
Location: Anaheim, CA

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Q&A includes:

• Is artificial intelligence dangerous?
• I had an interesting parallel reality experience where I averted danger.  Could you comment?
• Are there 5th dimensional beings around us helping?
• What do frequency vibration readings actually mean?
• Which ET societies are connecting with us the most?
• How do I know I’m having a belief without a thought?
• How do child prodigies relate to thoughts, definitions and beliefs?
• Are children born with some definitions?
• Is there a 6th Law?
• How can I facilitate my evolution with language?
• Is there a “chess game” agreement for the dream reality?
• What will happen when I ascend into the 5th Dimension?
• Is the Schumann resonance assisting us into the 5th Dimension?
• Which crystal would be beneficial to me?
• Can negative entities attach themselves to us?
• How can we travel by adjusting our frequency?
• How can I use my excitement to heal physical pain?
• What if one’s excitement is drugs?
• How does the practice of Vipassana effect our physical body?
• Can you help me get rid of the high pitched ringing in my ears?
• How can I use my excitement to overcome panic attacks?
• How do I know if a thought is coming from my physical mind or my higher being?
• How can I help my teenage children if they don’t listen to me?
• Is there a benefit to contact with ET races?
• Do you know everything about me?
• Could you comment on my experiences after doing The Hour of Power Meditation?
• How can we shift to our most preferred “now”?
• Do you have any AI technology that you would like to share with us that will help us connect with our higher selves?
• What past life am I connected with now?
• What is my frequency state when I am detached from my negative beliefs?
• Am I communicating with you on a daily basis?
• Can you adjust your frequency from quasi-physical existence?
• Could you comment on my first channeling experience?
• Sometimes after channeling I am left with visuals that I don’t understand, can you help me make sense of them?
• How can we create a plastic that will absorb radiation?
• Does your society have a form of money?
• How can we bring energy from other parallel existences and use it to our benefit?

And much more!

Get Bashar – The Five Forms of Abundance download

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Bashar – The Five Forms of Abundance
Bashar – The Five Forms of Abundance

Original price was: $34.00.Current price is: $10.00.

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