Bashar – The Eye Of The Storm 2020

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Bashar – The Eye Of The Storm 2020

Bashar – The Eye Of The Storm 2020

Session Date: December 8, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Bashar will share how the upcoming year of 2020 is an opportunity to make a stronger connection to the reality you prefer.  This session will contain a powerful Holotope visualization meditation designed to crystallize that connection in a way that will accelerate you through 2020 and the years that follow as we get closer to the window of contact that begins in 2025.

Q&A includes:

• What is your definition of action vs meditation from your point of view?
• What more can you tell me about serpent mound in Ohio and its relation to the crystal skulls and Draco constellation?
• What does the story of Hercules slaying the dragon represent?
• Can you tell me about DMT’s frequency levels?
• How can I connect more with my verbal channeling abilities?
• What is the connection between spirit and mind?
• How can one listen and hear better as a way to sustain a higher synchronicity?

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• How can I redefine a childhood experience that makes me feel impure?  Bashar discusses  the 13th step.
• Does seeing everything as a positive allow us to raise our vibration?
• How do you stay in a positive state if you see something you don’t prefer?
• How can I follow my excitement in the “little moments”?
• Could you clarify what you spoke about last night regarding my dream of Orinoco’s Quest?
• Does taking birth control affect your psychic abilities?
• Could you tell me more about human women having hybrid pregnancies?
• What is the purpose of soul families?
• Why did I have a mark left from a contact experience?
• Are there technologies to measure vortices?
• Did the contact window change?
• What are your thoughts on life path numbers?
• Will I meet my hybrid children in physical reality?
• Could you tell me more about a dream encounter I had?
• How can I tell if people are truly not compatible with me or if I am biased?
• Was my contact experience in Joshua Tree real or did my higher mind create it?
• How can I know that we are all one?
• Am I blurring the line of inner peace and apathy?
• Why do I keep getting job opportunities that are not my excitement?
• What are your thoughts on “negative” effects of my business, such as creating something that will put others out of work?
• How can we find common ground in business partnerships?
• Am I connecting to my higher self?
• Will our loved ones disappear with the timeline shifts?
• What will happen to my animals after I leave this reality?
• Can you tell us about a specific 2020 event we may want to pay attention to?

And much more!

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Bashar – The Eye Of The Storm 2020
Bashar – The Eye Of The Storm 2020

Original price was: $34.00.Current price is: $15.00.

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