Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism

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Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism

Ariella Daly - Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism


With Dream Teacher, Healer & Bee Guardian
Ariella Daly
A 7-Module On-Demand Video Training

Explore the hidden depths of your Interior Garden through the ancient European tradition of bee shamanism — as you learn to intentionally dream within the Dream Weave to dive deeper into your creativity, intuition, and healing.

As a shamanic dreamer, you can enter the dreamworld to connect with your guides, travel across time and space, and return to your waking life with newfound wisdom, insight, and inspiration.

And when you connect with honeybees as your guides in your dreams, you can develop a deeper relationship with yourself, Spirit, and the Earth.

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Bee shamanism has its roots in Celtic Britain, Lithuania, and ancient Greece, where it experienced a golden age among the bee priestesses known as the Melissae, which translates to “Bees.”

In these days of uncertainty, change, and imbalance in our relationship with the Earth, bee shamanism holds powerful truths and insights you can apply to your daily life right away.

Join us for a fascinating 7-module course with Ariella Daly, dream teacher, healer, and bee guardian, and delve into the bee shamanism tradition, The Path of Pollen.

You’ll be invited to dream with the Melissae, or bee priestesses of ancient Greece, and bring the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine into your own intuitive being.

You’ll explore the hidden depths of your Interior Garden through the ancient European tradition of bee shamanism. You’ll learn to dream intentionally within your dreams — to deepen your own creativity, intuition, and healing.

Intentional dreaming is an element of shamanic work beloved by many folk traditions, including European bee shamanism. As you’ll discover, when you choose to intentionally dream with spirit allies such as the honeybees and the Melissae, you learn to engage with the more-than-human world of guides, messengers, and symbols. These dream allies can lead you deeper into your inner wisdom, healing, and self-discovery.

In this 7-part journey, Ariella will guide you through fundamental practices of intentional dreaming with the honeybees — with the three Sisterhoods of the Melissae as your guides — using practices, motifs, and teachings from the European bee shamanism tradition.

Through this ancient tradition, you’ll discover the potent insights of your own Interior Garden, and connect more deeply to your body to unlock profound wisdom — about everything from the cosmos to the personal inner work you’re meant to embark on.

In this illuminating 7-module course, you’ll experience:

  • Our ancient ties to the honeybee as allies and sacred guides
  • Bee shamanism approaches to intentional dreaming, and how you can use it to guide and inform your life
  • The practice of Dreaming With Bees and the nature of the Dream Weave
  • More of who the Melissae of ancient Greece were and why they’re relevant now
  • Working with the 3 sisterhoods of the bee tradition
  • Dream practices with the Interior Garden for self-gnosis (self-knowledge), healing, and revelation
  • Techniques for revisiting dreams for further discovery
  • Breathing exercises for deepening into your body as a dreaming vessel
  • The primary movement meditation for bee flight and the landscape of infinity
  • How to develop your intuition through dreams and your body’s wisdom
  • And much more…

Get Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism download

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Ariella will guide you through the fundamental body-mind-spirit skills you’ll need to access truth, intuition, and healing through intentional dreaming with bee shamanism.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Ariella. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to tap into bee shamanism to connect more deeply to your body and unlock profound wisdom.

Module 1: Dreaming With Bees & the Shamanic Tradition of the Path of Pollen

Your dreams are a world you can cultivate.

By working with the honeybees as guides — and through intentional dreaming — you can develop a profound relationship with yourself, Spirit, and the animate Earth.

In this opening session, Ariella will introduce the tradition of European bee shamanism. She’ll share how dreaming with bees can uniquely affect your dream state. You’ll explore the importance of honeybees as sacred beings in the ancient world and European folklore. And, you’ll come to realize why bees are so important to humankind now.

The session will include a meditation to enter the sleep state… as well as some simple techniques for improving the dream space and recalling dreams.

In this first module, you’ll discover:

  • What Dreaming With Bees means and how to approach it
  • The importance of honeybees as sacred dream allies
  • Techniques for cultivating a healthy dream environment
  • Methods for improving the dream space
  • Simple techniques for dream recall
  • The Dreaming Tree Meditation for entering the sleep state

Module 2: The Melissae, Collective Dreaming & the Dream Weave

In this second class, you’ll continue your exploration of bee shamanism by turning your gaze to the Melissae, or bee priestesses of ancient Greece. You’ll discover what the early matriarchal cultures have to offer us now — in our modern age of great change and imbalance with the Earth.

Get Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism download

Through an oral teaching method meant to help you cultivate both the imagination and the body’s innate wisdom, Ariella will share about Earth dreaming and the Dream Weave.

You’ll also practice a technique called Sensory Recapitulation to aid in both dream recall and memory development.

You’ll be guided in a meditation that uses a breathing technique to support your connection with the animate Earth and the vast cosmos.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Who the Melissae are and the power of the Sacred Feminine in dreaming
  • The mythic landscape of the Dream Weave and what it means for you
  • The importance and impact of oral teachings and oral culture in learning about dreams
  • Sensory Recapitulation for mapping your waking and dream life
  • Dream fragments and the hypnagogic state
  • Breathing techniques for connecting with the Earth and cosmos

Module 3: The Interior Garden — Cultivating Embodied Dreaming With the Heart

Over the next three sessions, you’ll dive into the heart of this course — dreaming in the garden of the hive.

You’ll explore the Path of Pollen teaching of your Interior Garden and discover how attention to the garden can bring physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing — and aid in the development of intuition, creativity, wisdom, and divine revelation.

You’ll center your practice around the heart, approaching this exquisite knowledge center with both intentional dreaming and heart-flowering practices meant to deepen your intuition and support wellbeing.

This portion of the course will be very experiential, with deep and imaginative listening to the whispering of your Interior Garden. To aid in your heart flowering, you’ll work with the Sisterhood of the Wise Maidens as spirit allies that will infuse love into your dreaming.

By learning to develop your embodied seership in waking, you’ll enhance and enrich what Spirit and imagination can bring to your night dreams.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Embodied dreaming and how it can benefit you
  • The Interior Garden as a map for self-knowing
  • The Sisterhood of the Wise Maidens and their library of wisdom
  • How to dream with the rose of the heart
  • A guided exercise for cultivating the wisdom of the heart center

Module 4: The Lemniscate & Cultivating Embodied Dreaming From Above

You’ll continue with your Interior Garden explorations, turning now toward the brow… where you’ll explore the wisdom of the cosmos and all that is above. You’ll be joined by the Sisterhood of the Spinners to infuse your seeing and dreaming.

To aid in this practice, Ariella will introduce you to the symbol of the bees’ dance, known as the lemniscate and commonly pictured as a figure eight. You’ll use this symbol as a multipurpose tool for energy work and connection with the hive within.

We will also engage in a dream mirroring or dream discovery technique meant to bypass interpretation and go straight to the wisdom of Spirit speaking through you and your imagination.

In this module, you’ll:

Get Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism download

  • Dreaming with the rose of the brow
  • Experience listening to the stars and listening to the brow
  • Explore the lemniscate as a living symbol and guide
  • Learn about the Sisterhood of the Spinners and their weaving magic
  • Be exposed to a dream mirror demonstration and be guided in a practice for body-informed intuition

Module 5: Nature as Beloved & Cultivating Embodied Dreaming From Below

In this session, you’ll come to your final rose of exploration, connecting with the wisdom of the Earth and the sacral center. You’ll continue with your experiential practices of body-informed seeing, and meet the Sisterhood of the Fey — the dream bringers.

In this session, you’ll experience:

  • Listening to the Earth and listening to the belly
  • The continuation of the body-informed intuition technique
  • practice for exploring messages from your dream voices
  • The Sisterhood of the Fey and nature connection
  • Dreaming with the rose of the sacral center

Module 6: The Walk of Infinite Flight

In this session, you’ll begin the work of integration, and receive a primary bee shamanism practice — The Walk of Infinite Flight. The Walk has many other names and applications, but the primary teaching remains the same.

This session will be dedicated to learning and experiencing this movement meditation, both as a dreamwork tool and as a vehicle for many other forms of personal discovery, gnosis, harmony, healing, and communion with Spirit.

(Note: This session will require you to have a flat indoor space of about eight by four feet — a bit larger than a yoga mat.)

In this module, you’ll:

  • Receive the power of The Walk of Infinite Flight guided practice
  • Use The Walk of Infinite Flight as a tool for dream discovery and inner balance

Module 7: Integration — From Dreaming to Waking

In this final session, you’ll review all you’ve learned and begin to weave it together in integration.

You’ll revisit The Walk of Infinite Flight as a tool for integration… and to bring the dream into reality.

Ariella designed this course to leave you feeling both curious and excited about future dreamwork — and full of material to integrate and digest with all the tools you’ve been given throughout the program.

In this closing session, you’ll discover:

  • Integration techniques to bring all you’ve learned into your life
  • Mapping your dreams as a tool for growth
  • Dreams as an act of making the impossible possible
  • Collective Dreaming within the weave
  • An integration practice for intentional closure

The European Bee Shamanism Bonus Collection

In addition to Ariella’s transformative 7-module virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonus sessions to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Get Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism download

Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism
Ariella Daly – Intentional Dreaming With European Bee Shamanism

Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $89.00.

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