Adi Da – The Way Beyond Ego

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Adi Da – The Way Beyond Ego

 Adi Da - The Way Beyond Ego

The self-contraction, the knot, the action of egoity, must be transcended through recognition-response to That Which Transcends it. This is Given by direct Revelation, and not merely by philosophical propositions. It is not merely to be believed. It must be Revealed. There must be the response to It, and It must be Realized. This is Grace.

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—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April 10, 2005

In the Discourses selected for these CDs, Avatar Adi Da leads His listeners through the maze of egoic misinterpretation of real Spiritual practice by articulating and debunking the errors that occur when such practice is engaged from the point of view of egoity (or presumed separateness). Avatar Adi Da clarifies, again and again, that the Way He Offers is not a Way of thought or philosophy, effort or escape, experiences or techniques—rather, Adidam is based solely on the inherent heart-attraction to That Which Is Beyond all conditional states, That Which Is Always Already the Case, That Which Is Perfect Divine Love-Bliss, and Which is Appearing in and as His human Form. In summary, in these Talks, Avatar Adi Da elucidates the essence, and the necessary foundation principles, of the devotional and Spiritual Way of Adidam.


Disc 1 [5 tracks]
Find Me, Know Me, Recognize Me
Total running time: 71 minutes

Disc 2
Track 1: There Is Only One Practice
Track 2: Responsive Turning is the Basis of Surrender
Track 3: Attraction is an Unspoken Matter
Total Running Time: 39 minutes

Get Adi Da – The Way Beyond Ego download

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Adi Da – The Way Beyond Ego
Adi Da – The Way Beyond Ego

Original price was: $24.00.Current price is: $10.00.

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